Tips For Pregnant Women After Their Delivery

Tips For Pregnant Women After Their Delivery

If you have just given birth to the cutest little dumpling, congratulations! You’ve gotten over the tough bit, now let’s move to level two shall we? Which is to get back into shape so let’s look at these super easy and not very time consuming tips to get back into shape.

1. Workout/ Yoga

Do not stress your body out, it just went through a major change so don’t rush to the gym right away. However, some basic and simple work out tips can help with weight loss and to tone the body back in shape. Stretching is key.

Walking for even 30 minutes a day is really beneficial, the treadmill can help you set the speed and time. You can slowly increase both.

Yoga will help you relax and lose weight, both at the same time.

2. Use a Belly Bandit

This compression belt helps compress your belly muscles and uterus. It also helps bring back the pre-baby posture and gets rid of the love handles.

3. Breastfeed (if you can)

If you can, opt for breastfeeding. If you exclusively breastfeed, you could burn up to 500 calories per day!

4. Get more sleep

Yes, this may sound completely out of place, however your body needs to recover and sleep is what helps with that so get at least 6 hours or sleep to help your body recover from the birthing stress.

5. Drink more water

Drink at least two to three pints of water. Water helps you lose weight and feel clean.

6. Do not give up on multivitamins

Now that the baby is born, don’t give up on all the multi vitamins just yet. A good multi vitamin helps keep your metabolism going and maintains energy levels so remember to take multivitamins and supplements.

7. Lean meat

Lean meat keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time which will help you stay away from unnecessary munching and snacking.

So all you new mommies remember, do not stress your body out more. Eat clean, try and get as much sleep as you can and drink lots of water in order to get back to normal. Don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t seeing the progress you want, it will happen. Give it time, it will happen. Staying motivated and positive will make reaching your goals a lot easier.

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