Going to the gym is fun, but what’s even more fun is pre-workout snacks! You’re going to toss your bottled supplements after seeing what we’ve got in store for you!

Change up your pre-workout diet with some of the following power treats!

Foods to Replace Your Gym Supplements WithAlmond and Date Bars

With natural sugar and energy boosting properties, almond and date bars can be customized for more flavor! After you’ve processed your almonds and dates in a food processor, top the mixture with walnuts, chia seeds, dried berries or bananas before forming into shapes and freezing!

These bars make for a great post-gym snack when you’re craving some sweets!

Foods to Replace Your Gym Supplements WithOatmeal and Greek Yogurt Muffins

For those who love staying fit and enjoying dessert, here’s a treat for you. Replace eggs and sugar with applesauce, and lay off the white flour and use oats or oat flour instead. Add yogurt instead of butter!

If you think the batter’s yummy, wait till you try these when they’re piping hot out of the oven!

Foods to Replace Your Gym Supplements WithChocolate Chip and Mint Pudding

You’re going to mix some organic cocoa, chocolate chips, avocado, peppermint extract and a non dairy yogurt for this yummy treat.

Not only is it quarter the calories of a real choc-chip-mint pudding, but it has got the right nutrients to help you power through your workout!

Foods to Replace Your Gym Supplements WithGreen Smoothies

Replace your pre-workout coffee with a green smoothie including star Kale and avocado; sweeten with green apples, dates or maple syrup, and some chia seeds or a dollop of Greek yogurt for some extra protein and good carbs!

This smoothie is going to pump you full of protein, fiber, potassium, vitamins and a good burst of energy to hit the gym with.

Hit the kitchen before your workout tonight, and wave goodbye to those supplements!


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