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In our line of work, we have the pleasure of learning from experts in various industries. Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Marissa Masterson of Argan Republic. If you’re a beauty product lover who spends a lot of time on Instagram, you probably follow her account.
The images are intoxicating in beauty, yet somehow pale insignificantly beside her products. Her product line includes rose quartz facial rollers, crystal facial masks and blossom elixirs that “smell like a magical garden.”
Personally, I’m a huge fan of Masterson’s holistic beauty products, so I was ecstatic when she agreed to do an interview with iSkinCareReviews. Read on, friends. You’re sure to learn a lot.

Holistic Practices

argan republic
If you glimpse Masterson’s account, you will see that she takes a holistic approach with her skincare products. So we have to know: how does one take such an¬†approach?
“Before I was passionate about natural skin care, I was passionate about health,” says Masterson, “so it’s easy for me to take a holistic approach. Our diets, environments and every product we come into contact with has an affect on our health and therefore our skin.”
Masterson believes that your skin is a great indication of your health. She’s not alone. Many experts believe that our skin, when acting abnormally, is trying to tell us something. For example, adult acne on the chin and jawline may be an indication of stress.
Dark circles appear as we age and are a cause of genetics. But sometimes, it’s a sign that you aren’t sleeping properly or you’re dehydrated.
“I personally try to eat an 80% plant-based diet with lots of fresh organic produce and supplements like spirulina and wheat-grass,” she tells us. “I also try to drink my quota of water, and limit acidifying foods like soy, gluten, dairy, meat and sugar.”
We co-sign with Masterson on eating organic produce. Aas you may know, we’re also huge fans of spirulina.
Masterson believes that we can all benefit from holism to treat our entire system – not just one part of the system.
“…I always get a cold when I am feeling run ragged,” says Masterson. “I know this is because I am low on sleep, water, healthy food; and it really depletes my immune system. Where some might believe you should just treat the cold, I tend to think you should re-balance and center yourself to fight off illness.”
The same can be said of any type of stress, anxiety, depression, skin issue or physical illness, according to Masterson. But how can one re-balance and center themselves? Masterson says that’s something only the individual can determine. However, she has her own method of re-balancing.
“For me, it’s hitting the reset button, changing my mindset (and) getting myself organized…it’s different for everyone,” she explains. “It took me many years to figure out how to tell when I need to rebalance, slow down or reevaluate where I’m at.”
The takeaway: for those who want to begin a holistic approach for the betterment of their health and well-being, understand that it’s not an overnight switch.

Argan Republic Beauty Products

Jade Stone, Rose Quartz…What’s the Difference?

argan republic

Browse Argan Republic’s crystal rollers and you’ll see variety. This includes an adorable mini jade facial roller that’s perfect for on-the-go eye treatment. But is one better than the other? According to Masterson, it all depends on your personal choice.

“This is a question I get a lot,” says Masterson. “The stones have different energies, if you believe in that kind of thing. The physical benefits of the tools are the same. They can be used for lymphatic drainage and detoxification, which will help with puffiness and clearing skin.”

Masterson says you can also use it to rejuvenate your skin and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the physical benefits of facial rolling include improved circulation, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Benefits of the Rose Quartz or Jade Eye Mask

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The rose quartz and jade eye masks are beautiful skincare tools that can tempt you into purchasing one, whether or not you need it in your beauty routine. Some may wonder if there are any benefits at all, or if it’s another marketing gimmick. If it’s the latter, who can honestly be surprised?

However, it’s not a gimmick. There are many benefits to the rose quartz eye mask and jade eye mask. They can soothe and relax facial muscles and skin; improve blood circulation and skin tone; reduce under eye circles and much more.

As it’s not your ordinary eye mask, it doesn’t come with your ordinary price, retailing at $155.00 a mask.

Masterson says that the rose quartz eye mask is best to use after applying all your nightly skincare products – including your eye balm, like the Argan Republic Cucumber Matcha Eye Balm.
You can also use it during meditation for an added level of comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Masterson’s Favorite Argan Republic Products

I love asking this question even though it feels like the tragic scene in Sophie’s Choice. These are her valuable creations, but of course we want to know which is her favorite. Because, obviously, we’d like to give that product a try.

“As for skincare products, it has to be any of my oil based serums,” says Masterson. “I tend to rotate what I use depending on how I’m feeling about my skin and the season. But my serum goes on my face twice per day no matter what. Everything else is optional: beauty balms, masks, rollers…I use them less frequently as I’m a busy mom.”

You heard her: check out Argan Republic’s oil based serums.

Sun Protection: Glow Illuminizing Oil from Argan Republic

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Summer is slowly moving into fall, but no matter what the season, it’s important to protect your skin with sunscreen. But if you do get damaged, there are natural products that can soothe your sun burnt skin. Introducing Glow Illuminizing Oil.

“The first part of sun protection is prevention,” Masterson says. “Wearing an SPF sun defense oil or protective clothing is a must!”

To add onto that, if you have pale or sensitive skin, take your sun protection a step further because studies show that sunscreen is not enough for people with pale and sensitive skin.

Masterson says, “The Glow and Shine oils are formulated with a number of oils that have a natural spf. Although the spf of each oil varies, I think adding them to your skin care ritual can only help.”

She recommends using the Glow and Shine oils when sunscreen is the last thing on your mind.

“Maybe you’re going to an outdoor wedding, to meet for coffee in a park or walking the dog,” Masterson says. “People don’t generally apply sunscreen for these types of activities buy you can actually get UV damage. Healing sun damage is the next part, with regenerative oils that fight free radicals and improve elasticity.”

Intro to her Holistic, Organic, Cruelty-free Lifestyle

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to live a healthy, natural lifestyle even if we’re taking absolutely no steps towards it.

For Masterson, her introduction to a holistic and organic, cruelty-free lifestyle came relatively easy. She tells us that she has always been health conscious, but realized she had much to learn after reading The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.

“I went mostly vegan and cut sugar, soy, dairy, meat and gluten out of my diet,” Masteron says. “Since then I go off and on with those foods but try to avoid them. I try to listen to my body. For example, at the end of my last pregnancy, I wanted all the yogurt – something I never eat. So I went for it: yogurt and granola three times per day for the last 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy. Maybe that was my body telling me I needed a calcium boost…or maybe just a silly craving. But the craving ended when the baby was born.”¬†
She goes on to say, “The beauty portion of my healthy lifestyle began when I became pregnant with my first baby. I tossed all unnatural skincare and makeup products…I slowly replaced them with non-toxic options. And after having my baby, attempting to finally rid myself of my 16-year hormonal acne struggle, I learned about Argan Oil which really helped my skin.”

Advice from the “Master”son

A natural, holistic, plant-based lifestyle sounds great on paper. But when put into action, it can be a challenge. We asked Masterson if she had any advice to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

“I would suggest starting slow,” says Masterson.

She understands that this change can be overwhelming, which is why she suggests taking it one change at a time. What’s a good starting point? Your skincare routine.

“Swap out a conventional moisturizer for a natural one,” says Masterson. “Make one new healthy recipe per week…go slow and soon you’ll find your living your greenest, healthiest life.”

At iSkinCareReviews, we’re here to help you along the way. Check out our product reviews which hi-light natural skincare brands, like Toki Box.

For a healthier diet, we highly recommend that you read our interview with holistic nutritionist Meghan De Jong. As Masterson said, it’s a process that takes time so think of it as a journey. In the end, we’ll get there together.

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