Krees Skincare Acne Exfoliating Cleanser Review

acne exfoliating cleanser

At iSkinCareReviews, we’re a team of passionate and knowledgeable skincare lovers. We know a good deal about cleansers and and a good deal about exfoliators. So when we stumbled upon an exfoliating cleanser, eyebrows piqued.

The product is called Krees Skincare Acne Amber HydroSilk Exfoliating Cleanser, made by Jasmine Kree, founder of Krees Skincare.

Krees started her indie brand to find relief for her own skincare issues.

“They say in the skincare world, you search for products for either pain or pleasure and in my case, it was a pain,” says Kree. “I suffered from persistent scarring (from) cystic acne for many years and pursued nearly every modern form of relief available.”

With little success finding a good product on the market, she chose to make skincare products that work.

“I decided to put my energy into learning about ingredients that didn’t fight, burn and irritate my skin, but worked along with it to alleviate some of my most common skin issues like deep, cystic acne breakouts and scarring,” explains Kree. “I always say Krees Skincare was my lovechild from frustration and a desire to incorporate natural ingredients and (powerful) cosmeceuticals that actually work.”

You may not know of this company. It’s a small beauty and skincare line on Etsy. Despite its lack of a brand name, each product is ethically made with high- quality ingredients. We reached out to Kree to learn more about her acne exfoliating cleanser.

“Krees Skincare Amber Hydrosilk Exfoliating Cleanser combines aspects of both a cleanser and a gentle exfoliating scrub with a blend of tree barks, herbal botanicals and 100% therapeutic essential oils. Baltic amber is the gentle exfoliating agent which leaves skin so soft afterward. You will tell the difference in one wash.”

Krees Skincare Acne Exfoliating Cleanser

Acne Exfoliating Cleanser

As someone who struggles with dry skin, I look out for people who have dry, combination or sensitive skin types. When I hear “exfoliate” in a product, I question whether it’s a product for all skin types. Since this is a cleanser, we can all assume it’s good for daily use. However, it’s also an exfoliant, which we shouldn’t use daily…even for the oiliest of skin types.

Kree gave me a very apt, scientific explanation behind my question: can all skin types use the Acne Exfoliating Cleanser? Can consumers use it daily?

“A really unique aspect about Krees Skincare cleansers is that they use a special ingredient, Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, as the lathering agent in each formulation,” Kree explains. “If you turn over the bottle of most OTC and department store cleansers, you will see most larger companies use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) as the detergent to lather and cleanse, but it’s actually a known irritant to skin and deemed moderately hazardous.”

The use of Hydrolized Silk Protein is gentle on the skin but provides a powerful cleanse. Thanks to this ingredient, she says it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and inflamed.

Future Plans for a VEGAN Acne Exfoliating Cleanser?

Maybe not. According to Kree, the silk protein is an essential part of what makes the exfoliating cleanser work so well. Additionally, this ingredient makes Krees’ Hydrosilk cleanser unqiue from the competition. But she says there may be a possibility in the future.

However, if you don’t see a vegan acne exfoliating cleanser anytime soon, you’ll find other products catering to this small, yet growing demographic.

“We are very excited and eager to strengthen our vegan following and are in the works to add products to our catalog that will support the vegan community while continuing to be responsible and conscious,” says Kree. “So stay tuned to our Etsy shop for updates on new product releases and discounts.”

If There is One Product to Buy at Krees Skincare…

If you want to try this brand for yourself, start with Krees’ favorite product: Blue Tansy Firm & Fade Cream. It’s made to reduce discoloration, hyperpigmentation and visible signs of aging.

“It’s a relatively new product with amazing results,” says Kree,”but more importantly, (Firm & Fade Cream) doesn’t take long to actually see results; which is what every skincare junkie like myself craves.”

She blends some of her favorite ingredients in the Blue Tansy cream, such as mango butter, jojoba oil and of course, blue tansy. There’s one more ingredient Krees includes, which she calls “the power-puncher of the skincare world”: Retinol.

“Retinol helps skin on a molecular level to improve cell turnover and (help) to shed hyperpigmented or aged skin,” she explains. “The texture of this cream is decadent and works wonders enriching the skin overnight. I wake up and my skin is soft and supple. I can’t get enough of it.”

Our Experience with Krees’ Acne Hydrosilk Exfoliating Cleanser

This is a unique product. You find cleansers as foams or gels, but this cleanser has a viscous texture. And a little goes a long way. Anything more than gentle pump, and it’s a chore washing it off your face.

After using the product for one week, the cleansing affect was noticeable and surprisingly so, as the product retails at $3.95.

My Friend’s Experience (Oily Skin Type):

I gave this product to a friend who currently struggles with adult acne due to stress. In the week that she used the product, she didn’t experience significant improvement with her acne, which was to be expected. One week simply isn’t enough time. Her plan is to continue using it, and I will track the progress in a month on our iSkinCareReviews Instagram. Be on the lookout!

My Experience (Dry Skin Type):

For my friend, the exfoliate property was an added bonus because she has oily skin. But I wanted to know how an exfoliating cleanser would work on someone with dry, or even combination skin. So I gave it a try although I don’t use skincare products with any animal by-products in them.

The Verdict: I’m happy to say that Krees was right: this is a product that can work for all skin types – at least for normal, oily, dry/combination skin types.

The Hydrosilk Exfoliating Cleanser has tiny beads that slough off dead skin cells without over-exfoliating dry skin. It actually feels pretty food. Afterwards, my skin had a “brand new” look to it which I wish my regular cleanser would provide.

Originally, my one issue with the product was the texture. Eben if I apply a small amount, it’s thickness made it difficult to rinse off – beads and all. There was also a “slimy” property that clung to my skin which was a turn-off. After asking Krees about this, she explained that this only occurs when you don’t follow the directions properly.

“The texture breaks down as you massage into your skin,” says Krees. “It could take up to one minute and at that point, is easier to wash off.”

The instructions say to massage the product into your skin for two minutes. I didn’t do that. Whoops. But if you do, you won’t experience the irritation I experienced when applied improperly.

Conclusion: I recommend this product to anyone who has acne-prone skin or is on the market for a quality cleanser. If I had the opportunity to use this on a daily basis, I’d replace it with my current cleanser in a heartbeat. I can this: it was a sincere pleasure cleansing my face with the Amber Hydrosilk Exfoliating Cleanser. Here’s hoping Krees Skincare will create a similar product for the vegan demographic.

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