Morgan Cosmetics Argan Oil Review

argan oil

Over the last few years, argan oil has gained widespread popularity in the beauty industry. Known to some as “liquid gold”, you can find this luxurious ingredient in high-end beauty products to promote healthy skin and hair. You can also purchase the oil by itself.

Pure Moroccan argan oil may be costly, but it’s a worthy investment for anyone’s beauty routine. And you only need a few drops to get the job done. Furthermore, this ingredient is rich with vitamins and antioxidants that protect and heal damaged skin and hair.

We recently received a bottle of 100% organic Moroccan argan oil from Morgan Cosmetics. Knowing the benefits, we were excited to try it out.

Morgan Cosmetics

Morgan Cosmetics is evolving into a leading manufacturer of the finest pure, organic argan oil on the market. Their research team is committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients in their beauty line, which includes pure oils, shampoos + conditioners, clay powders and soaps.

Additionally, this company practices sustainable development, and ensures that the integrity of the Argan forest and its people remain in-tact. Alongside the company’s business goals is the promotion of their social, economic and environmental causes.

Argan Oil for Hair Care

argan oil

Before receiving Morgan Cosmetic’s pure argan oil, I already knew of its hair benefits. There is no one way to use argan oil for your hair. These are just a few ways you can use it:

  • Conditioner: With its essential fatty acids and antioxidants that hydrate and create smoother hair, it’s a wonderful conditioner on its own. The nutrients within the oil, along with the shine, anti-frizz and softness makes argan a far superior conditioner than the one you buy at Whole Foods. The only issue: this oil is pricey. So simply add a few drops to your regular conditioner.
  • Hair Mask: For hair that shines, use argan oil as an overnight hair mask. In most uses, you only need a few drops. But with a hair mask, use a little more. You will awake to softer, shinier and more voluminous hair.
  • Leave-in Conditioner: This ingredient softens the hair which allows for easy to style. Remember, use a small amount so it won’t feel greasy.
  • Dry Scalp Repair: Dry, itchy scalp is not only an irritant, it stunts healthy growth. As a remedy, massage the warm oil onto your scalp two or three times a week and let it saturate overnight. Rinse out in the morning. This will eliminate scalp dryness, and dandruff over time.

There are many other ways you can use argan oil for hair. The list is practically endless. Here are the best ways I utilized the product.

My Hair Care Experience

Curl Definition: If you have curls, or tightly coiled hair, this ingredient will add major pop and shine. Furthermore, it strengthens your hair strands and makes styling a breeze. Here’s what I did:

  1. Rub a few drops of oil between both palms (I used eight). From roots to ends, run the oil down each section of your hair (divide your hair into four, six or eight sections). Do this two or three times (I did it three times). After application, squeeze/crunch each section gently to aid in defining your pattern.

Hair Mask: This is my favorite way to use the product. If you try it, I’m sure it’ll become your favorite, too. If you have damaged or chemically treated hair, I say this method is a must! The omega fatty acids help to strengthen weak, damaged hair. My method went like so:

  1. Divide your hair into small sections (I did eight) and massage a generous amount of oil to each section, applying from root to tip.
  2. Once your hair is covered in oil, use a heat cap and allow it to deep condition your hair overnight.
  3. Afterwards, my hair was softer, less tangled and my curl pattern temporarily improved. I recommend doing this only once a week. Again, this oil can be pricey so don’t overuse it.

Split End Repair, Protection & Growth: As you know, this ingredient can repair split ends and protect your hair. It also aids in hair growth by creating healthier, stronger hair and a healthy scalp. Additionally, it protects hair from the sun and treats harmful scalp conditions. Here’s how I use it:

  1. Morgan Cosmetic’s product is conveniently placed in an amber bottle with a dropper. A section my roots and drop the oil onto my scalp. I massage for 1-2 minutes to aid in hair growth.

argan oil

  1. Because I style my hair with a harmful bristle brush practically everyday, I apply this oil over my hair to help protect it from severe damage caused by the bristles.
  2. I have a few split ends, so every morning, I use a small amount on my ends. I repeat this in the evening. Since it can repair split ends, why not repair it rather than cut it off?

My Skin Care Experience

I have to admit, I was more interested in Morgan Cosmetic’s hair benefits. But I did use it on my skin in a few different ways. However, you can use it to improve your skin in a several ways, including:

  1. Face Moisturizer
  2. Sun protection
  3. Toner hydration
  4. Acne treatment
  5. Face mask
  6. Skin infection treatment
  7. Heel softener

Toner Hydration: To improve your face toner, add a couple drops (no more) to an eight ounce bottle. Shake it with every use. This way, you reap the benefits of your facial toner and the benefits of argan oil for skin, such as moisture, shine, and the treatment of common skin conditions.

Face Mask: Initially, I had my reservations about using this as a face mask, but it’s a winner. Don’t use the product by itself- use it with your current face mask. Simply add a few drops to your mask and apply as usual.

Glow Oil: Instead of purchasing another product for glowing skin, try this oil instead. I usually wear Derma E Sunkiss glow oil, but argan oil works just as well. Actually, it works better. Far less product goes a longer way, and my skin has a plump, younger look to it.

Stay tuned for more Morgan Cosmetics beauty products that you’re sure to fall in love with.

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