10 Organic Sunscreens to Keep You & the Planet Safe

organic sunscreens

We know that sunscreens play a crucial part in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays but are they protecting our environment as well?

Sadly, not all sunscreens do.

Research shows that there is one common chemical found in sunscreens – oxybenzone –which is quite toxic to our ecosystem. While you protect your skin from sun damage, do your bit for the planet as well by using the following organic sunscreens.

1. Soleil Toujours Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist

This green tea leaf extract sunscreen surely protects your skin from solar damage. Bonus: it makes your skin smooth and brightens the complexion too.

Since the majority of sunscreens harm the coral reef, this sunscreen does the opposite – it protects it!

2. Beauty by Earth Body Sunscreen

This sunscreen is free of all harsh chemicals that might be harmful to you and to Mother Earth.

It’s just perfect for that summer trip to Mexico you’re planning!

3. Thinksport Sunscreen SPF 50

Offering a non-oily application, this eco-friendly sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB sun rays.

It’s also super safe for children. So, the whole family can apply it when going to the beach or the park!

4. True Natural SPF 30 Caribbean Coconut Sunscreen

It’s 100% mineral based and biodegradable, making it absolutely safe for you and the planet.

This sunscreen is also lightweight, alcohol-free, and has a nice tropical coconut scent. Seriously, what else could you ask for?

5. Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream

If you’re eco-conscious, go for this sunscreen.

Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream is made with only five ingredients and all of them are entirely wholesome.

Plus, it’s water-resistant too!

6. Suntegrity SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body

This sunscreen is free of toxic chemicals including parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and sulfates which are extremely harmful not only to you but to the planet as well.

The best thing about Suntegrity SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body sunscreen is that it contains excellent skin-boosting antioxidants, keeping your skin not only protected but healthy too.

The sweet scent of oranges, tangerine, and grapefruit essential oils make this sunscreen everyone’s instant favorite!

7.  Coola Organic Suncare SPF 50

If you are someone who spends too much of your time out in the sun, we have a sunscreen just for you!

Coola Organic Suncare is a long-lasting product that fights off free-radicals and keeps inflammation at bay.

8. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer

Whether you’re planning to spend a day at the pool or going out to run an errand, this sunscreen is perfect for your everyday wear.

It keeps you safe as well as your surroundings!

9. DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer

This is one of the best reef-safe organic sunscreens ever.

The best part?

It is both a sunscreen and a moisturizer! We really love multi-purpose skincare products.

10. Raw Elements Face + Body Tube

This sunscreen is packed with active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts that will keep your skin healthy and your environment safe!

So with the amount of organic sunscreens available to you, there’s just one question: which one of these are you going to invest in?

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