Ten Best Teas for Skin


Do you like drinking tea? If yes, then you are going to love the secrets we are about to spill about your favorite teas.

Until recently, tea was considered a drinking potion for a healthy gut and a peaceful mind. However, the buzz around the skin-world is that it is actually great for a glowing skin too.

Theresa Krier (founder of Big T NYC) explains the benefits by stating that,

‘’It’s packed with a host of vitamins, amino acids, and catechins that work holistically to slow aging, stimulate collagen production, reduce body fat, and maintain healthy skin cells.”

Krier further elaborates the tea benefits by saying that each variety of tea has a unique benefit that influences the health of the skin.

Here are the top ten teas that may solve your skin problem:

Roobis is the fountain of youth

This perfectly blended concoction has alpha-hydroxy acids, zinc, nothofagin, and antioxidants that keep those youth-sucking free radicals at bay. Not only that these ingredients, have the ability to reduce the fat accumulating under your chin.

White tea is just the thing for a skin makeover

You can purify your skin with the help of white tea. Due to its high levels of antioxidants, the young tea leaves help you to suppress the signs of aging and inhibit the breakdown of elastin and collagen.

Green tea cures more than inflammation

You can get a radiant skin with the aid of this flavorful tea. The ECGC levels combat the harmful UV-rays of the sun, stimulate dead cells and keep the new ones healthy.

Spearmint can wipe hormonal breakouts off your face

The anti-androgenic properties regulate the hormonal imbalance and reduce the secretion of sebum. This minty tea also contains the antioxidizing agents, phenolic acids, and flavonoids that prevent acne-causing free-radicals from damaging your skin.

Chamomile is a famous stress buster

Did you know that stress can cause acne? This soothing tea is the perfect way to unwind and overcome the acne. Additionally, it allows the skin to heal the aching acne gashes.

Hibiscus can give you the glow-up you always wanted.

Hibiscus has the flower power that makes your skin radiant. It is rich in vitamins, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids all of which make sure that the skin is nourished and healthy.

Jasmine is no longer a pretty ornament.

The jasmine infused tea boosts your immune system. It has anti-bacterial and antiviral properties that prevent skin diseases like eczema and hives from spreading.

Ginger tea keeps the gut happy.

Our skin and gut have a direct connection. Therefore, digestive disorders often lead to breakouts and ugly boils. The best way to placate an inflammatory belly is to drink ginger tea. As a result, your skin will fix itself too.

Oolong tea gives you back your complexion.

This blend of black and white tea packs a powerful punch. It fixes the deep-rooted problems of your skin like skin damages, discoloration, dark spots, and sunburns.

Matcha is popular for a reason.

The Japanese tea has chlorophyll, nutrients, and antioxidants that join forces to fight bacteria and detoxify toxins damaging your skin cells. No wonder plants always look so fresh!

Who knew being a tea-lover could be this good?

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