Is Activated Charcoal Really Worth All The Hype?Every time you log onto your favorite skincare website, you are likely to read about a new skin and beauty product that is creating hype among all the beauty and skincare fanatics.

As of recent times, activated charcoal has been seen to be gaining quite popularity as an amazing facial mask that provides a deep and fast cleansing action that clears out all your skin impurities after the first use only.

Crazy, isn’t it?

So the next question that is often asked is whether if it’s really worth all the hype that it’s creating?

Let’s find out!

  • What is Activated Charcoal?

Before learning about the numerous benefits of activated charcoal for skin, it is important for you to first understand what it really is and how is it different from regular charcoal.

Activated charcoal is simply the normal or regular charcoal you use that has been heated in such a unique way that it creates a lot of small pore-like spaces, which help trap chemicals.

To ‘activate’ this charcoal, a lot of hot heat or steam is applied to it in order to erode its internal surfaces.

  • How Does It Benefit the Skin?

1. Acne Treatment

Activated charcoal does wonders for acne and pimples by combating acne-causing germs and bacteria. It also reduces inflammation and thoroughly cleans your pores, which keeps your acne at bay.

2. Removes Blackheads

It contains amazing exfoliating properties, which help you get rid of stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, particularly around your T-zone.

3. Pulls Out Skin Impurities

As activated charcoal is highly absorbent, it has the ability to powerfully suck out all your skin impurities and dirt. This helps unclog all your clogged pores and stimulates a cleansing action from even the deepest layers of your skin.

4. Balances Oil in the Skin

If you have extremely oily skin, activated charcoal might just be what you need. Because of its highly absorbent properties, it greatly helps in pulling out excess oils from your skin, making it super smooth and sebum-free.

Make your own DIY activated charcoal mask at home and experience fresh, glowing and clean skin!

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