August Favorite Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers

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The “it” place for inspiration these days would be the World Wide Web for the majority of people. Whether it is a new gadget in the market, a new makeup trend, new fashion style, or even a crazy, viral slime video, everyone wants to make sure that they are involved in the latest trends. Moreover, the affects of this “new” thing becomes even stronger when a popular personality shines his or her light on it.

The confidence individuals acquire to rock a certain makeup look or fashion trend can only become stronger when their favorite beauty blogger or vlogger is sporting the same look. Luckily, we have been blessed with many beauty bloggers and vloggers that are always trying out something new, so the majority can judge if the look is worth it or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the beauty gurus who have made their mark on the beauty industry.

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August Fave Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers

Desi Perkins                                                                                                 

bloggers and vloggers

Starting off by posting different makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, Desi Perkins then gained popularity when her tutorials became more complex and inspired by famous celebrities. When Perkins reached a high number of subscribers on YouTube, she became the number one reviewer for many PR lists. Because she was receiving so many new products, she began to review them honestly. Her honest reviews, humble personality, and creativity are what viewers admired on a daily basis as her popularity continues to grow. Now, she vlogs her beauty journey and continues to impress many with her artistic, makeup skills.

Laura Lee

bloggers and vloggers

Having a dream to have her own successful cosmetics line, Laure Lee started off her career by working for the world famous MAC cosmetics. Working for a successful makeup company allowed Laura’s dream to be fueled even more. Now she has become a candidate that gets the first MAC products so she can review them. Because of her determination to be better every day, Laura is successful for her makeup and her great humor. Her high-pitched, Alabama accent is what people want to hear on a daily basis. Apart from her tutorials and reviews, her vlogs and challenges definitely leave everyone breathless from laughing.

Jaclyn Hill

bloggers and vloggers

Known as the foundation (not the makeup kind) and founder of the beauty community of YouTube, Jaclyn Hill is definitely a name all makeup lovers know about. She has a major snow-white vibe (with her pale skin and pitch-black hair) and her passion towards makeup is apparent in every video. Although, Jaclyn does not have her own makeup line as of yet, her collaborations have been the most famous ones in recent times. Whether it was a blinding highlight or an extremely pigmented eye shadow palette, everything has made a mark in the makeup industry. Her beauty tips and vlogs are always entertaining to watch.

These are the favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers that have made their mark in the beauty industry. There are many more as well that are emerging into becoming the new face of the makeup industry! We’ll keep you updated all the way.

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