How to Build a Look Which Complements Your Eye Color?

How to Build a Look Which Complements Your Eye Color?

It is very easy to build a makeup look which complements your eyes and its color. Trying out makeup that suits your eyes the best can make them stand out even more. All you have to do is know which color eyes you have and then start experimenting. If you are willing to spare your time from experimenting different makeup looks, then keep on reading as you might find the perfect makeup look here to flatter your eyes.

Best shades for blue eyes

For blue eyes try using eye shadows with orange undertone like rich browns or terracotta’s. If you have gold highlights in your eyes, then try adding, gold, bronze or shimmery champagne eye shadows. Try using bronze or a brownish shade eyeliner instead of using black as it may look too bold.

Best shades for brown eyes

Brown is the most common eye color. You can rock almost any shade of color on your eye. Try using purple or bronzy gold to bring out your eyes. If you want to show the lighter side of your brown eyes, then try a green eye shadow. Add a little black shade to any of your look to give intensity to your eyes and use dark black eyeliner to add definition to your eyes.

Best shades for green eyes

For green eyes, use different colors of pink or red, or colors that have red undertones like rush, mahogany and bronze. To make your gold highlights really pop in your eyes, use egg-plant color eye shadow. Avoid using black eyeliner on your eyes, use shades like charcoal, silver or purple.

Best shades for grey eyes

For grey eyes use eye shadows with an orange undertone, including shades like neutral brown, copper or even bright orange. Grey eyes are a combination of grey, blue green and a small amount of yellow around the pupil. So use those colors to make the blue in your eyes stand out. Use colors like red, brown, pink, maroon or purple to make the green color in your eyes stand out, but for your grey eyes , stick to colors such as silver, grey, charcoal or black shadows. Silver shadow on the upper lid and inner corner will also brighten the eye.

Best shades for dark brown or black eyes

Back and brown eyes can offer you many choices. Use green shades, metallic or matte colors. For dark brown eyes, use strong shades of violet, silver and chocolate. Use black eyeliners to accentuate your lovely dark eyes.

Best shades for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are a mixture of green and brown, which means you can pull of shades of both. Use shadows that have golden undertones to make your eyes sparkle and to bring out those golden tones in your eyes or experiment with colors like light purple or pale pink. You can use black eyeliner and black mascara on your eyes for a finishing touch. A khaki-colored eye pencil in the water line can also bring out your hazel eyes.

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