A DIY Oil Cleanser That Rinses Off Properly

DIY oil cleanser

Skincare experts believe that individuals should be aware of the oils that are good for them, especially during moisturizing and cleansing. Although, many believe that using an oil cleansing method could block pores and attract more impurities to the skin, it does quite the opposite. Using an effective and proper oil cleansing method could lead you to the best skin you could ever imagine. Moreover, there are emulsifying oil cleansers that foam up when you are using them, which makes it easier to rinse them off.

Before purchasing multiple oil cleaners, you must do a google search about the “fatty acid composition” present in oils. To save you from the extensive research, we have discovered that dry skin is in need of more oleic acid (omega 9) and linoleic acid (omega 6). While oily skin is in need of a-linoleic acid (omega 3).

Keep in mind, choosing the most high-end oil cleansers can ruin your skin if you are not taking it off properly. To ensure this, you can use a hot towel after washing your face or a mild facial cleanser. If the oil stays on your skin it will clog your pores and it could potentially cause cystic acne.

When you are choosing your oils, you must make sure you do patch tests to see how your skin reacts to it. There are many alterations that can be done to make a DIY oil cleanser, but today we will add a cosmetic emulsifier (small amount) to make this cleansing method even more effective.

Equipment Needed

  • 7 piece liquid measuring beaker
  • Small funnel
  • Stirring tools
  • Opaque glass dropper bottle

Oils Needed

  • Carrier oil of your choice (we are using hemp oil)
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Essential oils (we are using myrrh and frankincense)

Ensuring a Successful Oil Cleanser

  • Make sure to calculate the size of the container you are usin
  • 10% of the recipe must be polysorbate 80
  • The remaining 90% must be carrier oil
  • Add only 10-20 drops of the essential oil


  1. Add the essential oils into the beaker
  2. In the 5 and 10 mL beakers, add 6 mL of polysorbate 80
  3. In a different beaker, fill in 2 oz of carrier oil
  4. Add all these to the dropper bottle
  5. Enjoy!

That is all! It is so simple to make this miraculous oil cleanser. This DIY oil cleanser should wash off just as easily as a store-bought oil cleanser. You can use this cleanser liberally onto your face to remove makeup or any excess oils. When the water comes in contact with the oil cleanser, the polysorbate 80 will get activated and the cleanser will turn into a milky emulsion. Wash it off thoroughly and use it daily. This cleanser will make your face feel moisturized and clean!

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