Do Your Makeup with Three Core ProductsWhy waste your time and money on different kinds of products when you can do your entire make up using just three products. Here we are going to list down some of the multi-purpose make up for your everyday use which will give your face a very natural look. Using a lot of makeup daily can be harmful to your skin and not only that, it feels heavy on your face too, especially in summers. These products will give you a full face makeup look without actually using tons of products.


A concealer can do wonders to your face. Remember the time when you had to stay up all night and the next morning you had hideous dark circles under your eyes, then your concealer came to the rescue. Simply take your concealer and put it on the areas that need to be concealed and blend it in with your fingers. These areas could be under your eyes, on your nose to cover redness and on other blemishes. By this method you can avoid using foundation on a daily basis. If you have a moisturizer with you, you can simply add a little amount to your concealer and make it a tinted moisturizer. Concealer can also be used to hide any pimples or dark spots on your skin. Choose the correct shade for your face because you don’t want to end up looking too pale or too dark.


Use a cheek stain to add some natural blush to your cheeks. Blush is something that gives your face a very natural look and it makes you look fresh and healthy. Cheek stains can be used on your lips as well. There are a lot of cheek stains in the market which can stay for hours on your face without fading away. For the perfect application, apply the tint on the back of your hand and then on your cheeks so that it doesn’t leave unblended patches on your skin. Then take the tint from your hand and apply it on your face using your fingers and start blending till you see the results you want. Next, take the remaining tint and dab it on the center of your lips and keep adding until you get the desired color and then start dabbing. Once you are done adding blush to your face, you will see how fresh and awake you look.


Now last, but not the least comes mascara. There are many kinds of mascaras you can find like lengthening mascaras, thickening mascaras, curling mascara and a lot more. Whether you have fine lashes or short lashes, there are mascaras that can make them look full and fanned out. For the perfect result, curl your lashes first then remove the wand from your mascara and wipe it off on the tip of your tube to remove excess mascara. Then look up to lift your lashes and start applying it. Put two or three coats for longer looking lashes.

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