Everything You Need To Know About Under-Eye Bags


Feeling terrible about your under-eye bags? Well, there’s more to this than you think! Caking your face with tons of concealer might make you feel better momentarily, but you need to understand that there’s actual science behind having under-eye bags.

What to Know About Your Eyes?

The skin underneath your eyes is 5 times thinner than the normal skin, indicating a shortage of collagen and elastin that results in tightness of your skin. In addition, your eyes have the heaviest workout of all your organs because the 6 muscles located underneath go through more than 100,000 micro movements a day!

The fact that your eye area barely has any oil glands means that the region is mostly dehydrated. On top of being thin and dehydrated, the area is barely ever taken care of with SPF products, which becomes the very reason why this part of your face develops lines, wrinkles, swelling and dark bags so soon.

How to Get Rid Of Dark, Under Eye Bags?

Below are a few useful tips with which you can minimize the dark, puffy under bags:

  1. Moisturize the under-eye area with natural oils like coconut oil using cotton dabs
  2. Apply eye creams with the tips of your finger gently and allow it to rest overnight
  3. Massage the under-eye area in gentle, circular movements to regulate blood flow in and around your eye area

Other Things to Do:

  • De-stress: One of the common reasons for eye bags is stress. Try to relax as much as you can.
  • Sleep: Over-exhaustion or back-breaking fatigue is a typical reason for dark eye bags. Try to catch up on your sleep, or follow a proper sleeping schedule to prevent tired-looking eyes.

Nutrients: Unhealthy diets are non-nutritious, impacting negatively on your health. As vitamin or mineral deficiency can be reflected through your skin’s health, make sure to fix a healthy diet with nutritious value to prevent dark under-eye bags

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