How Herbal Teas Transform Your Body Inside-Out

Herbal teas are delicious and amazing for de-stressing your body after a hectic day. Not everyone’s a fan though. The taste can feel bland in front of a dark, rich cuppa coffee. However, what makes herbal teas truly special is that most of them are caffeine-free and fully packed with nutrients.

For people who can’t live without their morning dose of caffeine, they can at least try and introduce a few cups of herbal tea later in the day to experience the following benefits:

Cure Indigestion

If you’ve been experiencing an upset stomach lately, or haven’t able to digest your food that well, you can always follow up your meals with a warm cup of lavender tea. In case of an acid reflux, bloating or flatulence peppermint tea is a good option as it quickly prompts the gall bladder to produce bile and digest food.

Nourish the Immune System

With changing seasons, coughs and colds are likely to visit us often. Hibiscus and Rosehip are popular immune-boosting teas that contain lots of vitamins and flavonoids to help you recover quickly. Elderberry, known as the king of herbs also has strong anti-bacterial functions that strengthen the immune system.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Herbal teas also help stabilize blood sugar levels. Sage, for example regulates the blood sugar at the intestinal level through a substance called rosemarinic acid. Frequent consumption can help inhibit the increased glucose absorption in the body.

Improve Mood and Energy

Herbal teas can boost and uplift our spirits on a whole new level. The changes are not as drastic as that of coffee, but overtime, regular drinkers definitely experience less anxiety, increased motivation, and better sleep. Chamomile and Saffron tea do specially well to liven up your mood.

These are just a few impressive benefits of herbal teas. To find out more about this treasure trove, read on about the mighty green tea.

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