Easy Homemade Hand Scrubs

Are you continuously trying out new moisturizers because none seem to work well enough?

You buy the best hand creams available and even apply them religiously yet still don’t get the baby-soft skin you so desperately want to achieve. Isn’t that frustrating?

But don’t give up on your dream of having oh-so-soft skin so soon. We know where the root of the problem lies.

Whether it’s due to daily dish-washing, cooking or other various chores, or maybe the cold, dry weather, your hands will become rough and dry. So, when there’s dead skin on the surface, nothing can penetrate it well. That’s why the moisturizers seem to fail you and your hands remain calloused.

Read below to find out how you can attain that smooth, feathery skin for your hands.

Hand scrubs are the best way to get rid of that tough, dead layer of skin. They contain exfoliating agents that remove the lifeless skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb moisture readily.

Following are two simple yet highly effective hand scrubs you can easily make at home.

1.     Lemon and Sugar Goodness

In a small bowl, mix three tablespoons granulated sugar with one tablespoon coconut or olive oil. Add in about ten drops of fresh lemon juice and stir to combine well. Massage it gently on your hands for five minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. You are guaranteed to feel the smoothness from the first use. Yes, it’s so simple!

2.     Citrus Softness

Mix half a cup of coarse salt with quarter cup of citrus juice. Grapefruit extract is preferred but you can use orange juice as well. Add in three tablespoons of coconut or olive oil and form a thick paste. Massage it in circular motions on your hands for at least five minutes before rinsing. Then apply your favorite hand cream.

So, which one are trying? Your hands will thank you!


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