How to Prevent Pimples from Appearing on Your Face

How to Prevent Pimples from Appearing on Your Face

No one likes unnecessary scarring and blemishes on their body especially their face, the most common trigger is acne and breakouts. There are many ways to avoid acne which lead to such stubborn scarring.

Now its not all bad news in this town! There are multiple ways to prevent acne so take a breath!

You need to identify the cause of your acne and pimples as they can be due to genetic reasons or hormonal imbalances. However, we have some generic solutions for how you can prevent acne from appearing on your skin.

The first most essential thing you must do is wash your face twice daily as it is extremely important to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin by washing it regularly. Over-washing your skin might strip the skin so be sure not to do is excessively.

Use warm, tepid water and a mild facial cleanser or an oil cleanser to wash your face. Using a harsh (full of chemicals, scents and alcohol) can hurt already inflamed skin and cause more irritation. In fact, it can clog your pores and cause pimples so avoid using such a cleanser. Instead get mild skin cleansers and check the ingredients or make your own organic oil cleanser (its only a myth that oil clogs pores, look it up!)

Keeping yourself and your skin hydrated is another essential. Drink warm water with a few drops of lemon to detoxify your skin and give it a healthy glow. Along with staying hydrated from the inside, you must focus on moisturizing your face.

Moisturizers help keep the skin hydrated, which minimize the chances of dry patches, peeling skin and pore clogging due to dead skin cells. A pro-tip here would be to look for products which contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid as they hold moisture in the skin. Whereas, moisturizers made for the body are generally heavier and contribute to clogging your pores. You must also look for products labeled “non-comedogenic”, this means that they don’t cause acne

Another basic way to prevent acne on your face is by not touching your face over and over again. Our fingers contain a lot of bacteria and dirt. Every time our fingers come in contact with our face, they transfer all that bacteria and dirt particles on to our skin causing pimples.

Stop! Don’t pick on your pimple. Picking on pimples only make the situation worse as the puss and the bacteria from the pimple spreads in the pores around the pimple area and leads to more and more breakouts! Worst of it, picking on pimples leaves stubborn marks.

Lastly, stop stressing so much. Be it about your acne or anything else in life, try not to stress so much. Stress aggravates the inflammation and causes more pimples. Use methods like meditation, yoga or go work out.

You must remember that improvement takes time especially if its related to our skin and hair. Progress shows a lot later, but you must still take care and keep taking all precautions. Keep all these tips in your mind and focus on having a good healthy diet full of green veggies!

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