‘You have a flawless skin’ is a sentence we all want to hear. How your skin looks, largely impacts how you look. Nobody likes pigmentation, pimples, dark circles or acne, but as a result of hormonal, environmental and lifestyle changes they still occur. However, the good part is that they are curable and can be prevented. All one has to do is follow a healthy skin care routine.

Commonly, your skin requires different product use throughout the day. Hence, an ideal skin routine can only be successful when divided into the two parts of the day, day time skin care routine and night time skin care routine. So let’s begin!

1. Use cleanser / face wash

Ideally, your day should start by thoroughly cleaning your face. That can be done using either a cleansing lotion or a face wash, use the one which suits your skin type. Take a small amount of it on your palm and apply it on your face. Don’t be too harsh while doing so. If too much force is applied, it can cause your skin to wrinkle. Using a cleanser helps you keep your pores clean and significantly reduces the possibility of blemishes.

2. Use a Toner

Try your best to get yourself a toner that is free of alcohol and harmful chemicals. Many toners include alcohol, however, that can cause damage to your skin. The main function of a toner is to shrink skin pores, ensuring that dust particles do not settle in and can be applied in a similar way to a cleanser.

3. Moisturize

After both the steps mentioned above, you should take a moisturizer that suits your skin and apply it thoroughly on your face. Moisturizers help keep skin soft and ensure that it does not dry out. The only difference in your morning and night time regime is of either an overnight mask or an antioxidant serum. If an overnight mask is not an ideal product for you, you can use a night mask which can be taken off after a few minutes. However, a mask kept on your skin overnight helps achieve better and faster results. In case you don’t want to do a mask at all, you can also use an antioxidant serum.

4. Overnight Mask or Anti-oxidant serum

Depending on what exactly it is that you need for your skin, you can choose a suitable mask. The main function of an overnight mask is to give your skin time to soothe. A mask also hydrates your pores and ensures a fresher look. If not a mask, you can use an antioxidant serum including Vitamin C and essential oils as this would lift up your skin and remove any impurities that settled in throughout the day.

If this routine is followed regularly, it is sure to bring evident results. However, you must always remember that skin care routines depend on your skin type so make sure that the products you are using suit your skin.

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