The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine for Beginners

korean skincare routine

Korean people are known for their flawless skin and it’s thanks to their love for having a daily skincare routine which has now surpassed all others. Here is a rundown of the ever so popular skincare routine that has taken the skin care community by storm:

Oil cleanser

This is applied to dry skin to remove all the makeup and/or impurities on the skin.

Foam cleanser

You need to use a foam cleanser to clean off the greasiness from the oil cleanser and to wipe away any other impurities left. This completes the double cleansing process.


This is to clean the clogged pores and clear away the dead skin cells. This should be done once or twice a week.


After cleaning, your skin needs some pampering and toning because it is in a vulnerable state. A toner restores the PH balance of your skin and it helps to absorb the next treatments better.


It is the core of the regimen and is similar to a serum but only a bit more watery. It hydrates the skin and delivers radiance.

Serum, booster or ampoule

This is optional but great if you want to reduce or prevent any dark spots or redness on the skin.


Use a mask according to your skin’s needs. Choose from hydrating, tightening or antiaging masks. It should be done twice a week.

Eye cream

Let’s not forget the delicate and thin skin surrounding the eye area to prevent fine lines and wrinkles by using a good eye cream.

Face cream

Lock your skin’s moisture by a non-comodegenic cream.


Use an SPF-50 sun block during the day and skip this step at night.

Using these 10 steps, your skin will look just like a K-pop star’s in no time.


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