Hacks That Make Makeup Easier

Hacks That Make Makeup Easier

If you are someone who has a very busy lifestyle and don’t get much time to put makeup on, here we have some hacks that can save you from spending hours on doing your makeup. By following these hacks, you will get the look you want in less time than you usually spend on doing your makeup and it will also help you from spending tons of money on it.

Make your lashes look bigger

Don’t have time to put false lashes on?  No problem, follow this hack to get fuller lashes using your mascara only. Instead of applying your mascara upwards, sweep it towards your nose. This will give your lashes fuller effect and this hack will even make your eyes look wider.

Turn your eye pencil into gel

Gel eyeliners are easier to apply, but if you don’t have a gel eyeliner, you can take your eye pencil and place the tip of your pencil over a flame for just a second, wait for it to cool down and then apply.

Apply you perfume correctly

Perfumes can easily wear off if not applied correctly. Make your perfume last longer by applying it on the base of your throat, on your wrist, behind your ears, on your elbows and behind your knees. These are all your pulse points.

Make your eyeshadow stand out

To make your eye shadow stand out and give it a 3D effect, use a white pencil on your eye before applying your eye shadow. This trick will help to intensify the color and will make your eye shadow pop.

Reuse your mascara brush

You don’t have to keep on spending your money on an expensive mascara. Once you are out of it, take your mascara wand and clean it and then use it with other types of mascara which are not that expensive.

Reuse your broken eyeshadow

Don’t throw your broken eye shadow away, turn it into a lip gloss instead with this easy hack. Simply take your broken eye shadow and mix it up with petroleum jelly and make any lip color you like.

Hide your puffy eyes and dark circles

Apply your concealer in a triangle shape, starting from your lash line and pointing towards your cheeks. This hack will hide the puffiness and redness under your eye and will brighten up your whole face.

Keep your lipstick on for longer

Instead of reapplying your lipstick, use this hack to keep it on for a longer time. Apply your favorite lipstick on then put a tissue on your lips and apply translucent powder on. This will make the color set and stay on for longer.

Eyebrow pencil for contouring

Take you gel eyebrow pencil and mark the areas to contour such as your cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline. This makeup product cab be blended and smudged very easily. After contouring, apply your favorite highlighter on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow to finish the look.

Pretty interesting hacks huh? Which one would you try?

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