Natural Skincare vs Organic Skincare

natural skincare vs organic skincare

There is a lot of discussion over natural skincare vs organic skincare these days. People have become more conscious about what they put on their face. Thanks to all the different research studies coming out about how ingredients in our skincare products have the tendency to cause hormonal imbalances along with fatal health conditions such as cancer, people have become much more particular about what should go on their skin.

Cosmetic ingredients such as BHA, BHT, parabens, and other conservatives can give you a moment of beauty enhancement but the use over time can do more harm than good.

The reason that a lot of the products tend to go under the radar is that a majority of the products in the cosmetics industry are not checked for their ingredients, which have tendencies to cause harm.

What a lot of us don’t know is that the elements present in the cosmetic industry tend to seep into the skin, from where they travel through the bloodstream and then become infused in the lymphatic system.

You can say you are basically eating your cosmetic products.

Since this sort of awareness has taken a rise people have started to switch to a more “natural” or “organic” skincare routine.

They believe that the earthly ingredients present in their skincare and cosmetic products tend to be chemical free and do nothing but good for the skin. However, it should be noted that natural products are different from organic products and should not be confused, as is the case with a majority of the buying population.

What is natural skincare

Natural ingredients are anything that is thought to come out of plants, minerals, or animal by-products. Though that is the true definition of “natural” skincare, it can be used as a marketing ploy by many businesses. This is because these ingredients, and the products that have them, are not certified by the FDA or any official agency for that matter.

This means that the products that claim be natural can also have a lot of laboratory-produced chemicals. If you wish to really know your ingredients before you purchase a certain product then just turn the bottle around or upside down and have a look at the list. The ingredients listed first on the bottle are present in a higher percentage and those listed at the bottom are present in the least amounts.

What is organic skincare

Organic in general refers to the way the product was farmed. This means that an ingredient or the plant from where it comes should have been farmed without any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or growth hormones. The use of the word organic on beauty products means that the product is highly regulated by the governing body of the country the brand belongs to.

However, you need to remember that just because the product says it is organic doesn’t mean that it is 100 percent organic. The product could be somewhere between 70-95 percent organic, such as All About Coconut products, which is closer to 95-100 percent. It is less likely to find a product that is infused with 100%  organic ingredients, but in the case of natural skincare vs organic skincare, always choose organic.

Most products are not chemical free because in order for it to work fast it will have to have some synthetic minerals. You will need to be a bit more cognizant and choose a product that has fewer amounts chemicals and more of natural / organic ingredients.

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