A Look at The Pegan 365 Diet

pegan 365 diet

One of the most common new year’s resolutions that people make is that they will try to eat healthier or reach their goal weight. The weight loss resolution methods usually consist of good nutrition and more exercise. People often turn to fad diets that prove to be very unhealthy in the end.

However, there is one diet you can try that guarantees success. The Pegan 365 diet.

Also known as the Paleo-vegan diet, the Pegan 365 diet is a mixture of the best parts of the vegan diet and Paleo diet. Though this diet was at first popularized by Dr. Oz, it has existed for a long time.

The Pegan 365 Diet

Dr. Oz first breaks down the Paleo diet on his website. It consists of you eating a diet that is filled with clean and unprocessed food. This means that you should be focusing on consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Now comes the vegan part. Veganism requires you to abolish the consumption of meat, eggs, dairy, or any other food that comes from animals. So, when you combine the two diets you get to eat lean proteins, fresh foods, dairy supplements, and complex carbohydrates. Emily Kuberski, a registered dietitian, advocated in favor of the diet.

She backs it up by stating that when people go solely Paleo they tend to miss out on their grains. When they go solely vegan they miss out on a lot of protein sources. With the combination of Paleo and vegan, this diet becomes much easier to sustain for longer periods of time.

What does a Pegan 365 diet look like?

To achieve your weight loss goals make sure to consume:

  • 5 cups or more of fresh vegetables
  • 4 sources of carbohydrates
  • 3 items that contain protein
  • 2 food elements that are made of healthy fats in a day

You should do this everyday. Along with that make sure to have a one dose of dairy as well (if you are not vegan). As a meat eater, you don’t have to give up on the meat you just have to take care of the portions.

You can also consume two alcoholic drinks and desserts every week. Make sure to infuse your day with two healthy snacks in between your three meals. You can have one cheat per week but no more than that. This will allow you to maintain your diet for the whole year without falling off the wagon. Almost all of your body’s cravings are being met, but in careful amounts.

A lot of dietitians have spoken in favor of this diet, however, Dr. Cederquist quips that if you are after weight loss, then you can try to lower your calories and increase the protein intake.

What are your thoughts on the Pegan 365 Diet?

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