Pretty pink lips are every girl’s dream. The perfect lips give you the perfectly radiant and eye catching smile. Girls want pink lips, and guys are attracted to them.  Sometimes our lips can easily discolor and deepen into shades of purple which looks unappealing.

Maintaining naturally pink lips is not easy and that is why we use colors and balms to restore our lips.

But who doesn’t want naturally pink lips? Everyone! So if you do too, here are some home remedies that can give you naturally pink lips instantly:

1.      Brush Off the Dry Skin:

In the morning, brush your lips with your toothbrush too to scrub the chapped skin off. This works better if you moisturized your lips the previous night.

2.      Exfoliate with Pomegranate:

Pomegranate seeds are best when it comes to exfoliation and lightening dark lips. Just create a mask of it and apply it to your lips, leave it for a while and after a while gently rub it off.

3.      Honey and Lemon:

Honey the natural moisturizer and lemon having the acid is the perfect combination to make a mask for your lips. This ensures pink and plump lips. Apply the mask and gently scrub. You can even lick it off if you like since it tastes good as well.

4.      Rose Petals:

Rose petals for rosy lips? Sounds convenient enough? Rose petals mask is easy to make and it moisturizes your lips quickly giving it a rosy pink color which is 100% natural. It helps to restore the color.

5.      Chocolate:

Chocolate on your lips- it doesn’t get better than this! This favorite ingredient is the perfect solution for dry lips. Chocolate helps with hydrating your lips and keep them moisturized and fresh. This in turns help your lips to have the perfect rosy color.

With these tips, you can now lip your dream of having the perfect, naturally pink lips!

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