Healthy and Easy Lunch Ideas

Healthy and Easy Lunch Ideas

Getting out of the comfort of your soft, warm bed early in the morning can be a tough task alone. Add in the thought of going to work and preparing a lunch.

Makes you want to crawl right back in, doesn’t it?

How many times have you bought lunch and regretted it? Not only does it drain your wallet out fast, outside food is often unhealthy as well.

Here are four easy yet healthy ideas for office lunch you can make at home.

1.     Tasty Tropical Treat

Fruit salads are not only super fast to make, they also contain the fuel to keep you buzzing with energy all day long. For a tropical delight, mix fruits like chopped mangoes, bananas, grapes, sliced oranges and pineapples. You may squeeze a few drops of lemon juice for a zesty touch.

2.     Easy Eastern Experience

If you crave eastern food, this recipe is best for you. Just toss your leftover rice in a frying pan and add in some nuts (like chopped cashews or almonds), raisins and chopped green vegetables (capsicums and spring onions work best). Fry on low heat for few minutes and your scrumptious, nutrition-packed lunch is ready.

3.     Pleasant Pasta Salad

This portable, tasty salad will definitely become your all time favorite. In a pan, heat some chopped garlic in olive oil. Add salt, pepper and red chili as per your taste. Add in boiled pasta, grated cheese and chopped tomatoes and mix well. Whether you eat it warm or cold; you will be amazed how delicious it tastes either ways.

4.     No-Cook Chicken Sandwich

If you don’t feel like turning the stove on at all, no worries. Spread some cheese or butter on bread, sprinkle your favorite herbs (we recommend oregano and thyme) and add in a slice of lettuce, cabbage, celery or whichever leafy green vegetable you have in your fridge. Add in your chopped leftover chicken and some tomatoes for a tasty treat.


Is your mouth watering? These lunches are so delicious, your colleagues will want to share too.

Be prepared!

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