Should We Buy Organic Makeup?

Should We Buy Organic Makeup?

It’s no secret that makeup is now a daily essential for women all over the world and organic makeup is slowly and gradually replacing the traditional makeup.

Now there are some people who believe that sooner or later the organic makeup bubble will burst like many others did. While on the other hand, there are people who say that organic make up is not only here to stay, but it’ll improve your daily life in ways generic makeup has never been able to.

It’s All Natural

The first argument being made is that by using organic makeup you’re not only helping yourself get a better skin, but are also helping save the planet. It’s no surprise that the live green movements have made their way towards this industry as well. The organic makeup is claimed to be made up of all natural ingredients and if it’s USDA certified that means it is made up of 95% or more organic/natural materials. Since these ingredients are organic, they are free of any artificial materials like pesticides and fertilizers, etc. They save your skin from any damage/side effects caused by the artificial additives usually found in traditional makeup.

Suits All Skin Types

Another benefit cited of organic makeup is that since its made up of minerals found naturally, it suits all skin types regardless of what complexion and type of skin you have. Another added benefit is that organic makeup products are gentler on the skin as compared to chemical counterparts.

Protection from the Sun

Generic makeup generally consists of chemicals that might provide temporary benefits to your skin, but at the cost of side effects that last lifelong and often scar you with chronic diseases. Aging is another issue that is being countered by the use of organic makeup since they are made of natural minerals, they provide a certain amount of protection from the sun. Antioxidants and vitamin C forms part of most of the organic makeup products available and help support a healthy youthful looking skin naturally.

Free of Parabens

Organic makeup products are free of parabens and artificial perfumes, eliminating any chance of developing skin cancer. Plus, they are naturally scented and eliminate the chances of any allergies and do not have a negative effect on the immune system as well.

Rich in Nutrients

Organic makeup products are generally rich in nutrients which are used to resupply & restock naturally existing nutrients in our skin, resulting in a better-looking complexion and a fresher look.  It’s a general misconception that organic makeup is more expensive than the generic makeup available in the market. A lot of affordable green products are widely available and they are if not cheaper than the generic makeup counterparts, are the same price as them. Even though organic makeup is fairly new in the market, but it’s a growing industry and even now a whole lot of different ranges are available for everyday use of organic makeup. In the end, the fact that we are limiting use of chemical products and going towards a more natural solution will do wonders not only for your skin, but for the planet itself. Even a small little change will have a huge impact on your everyday skin health.

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