Skin Care for That Hangover - Sunday MorningsAfter a great night of festivities and fun, drinking and getting barely any sleep, it is necessary to rehydrate your skin and to ensure it gets all its lost nutrients and moisture. Now let’s tackle the science first! Alcohol doesn’t cause acne, it doesn’t necessarily aggravate it either, however, it does effect certain body systems which lead to hormone levels fluctuating and influencing acne development. Furthermore, having excessive alcohol does affect the way oxygen travels through our skin. Oxidative stress can surely make acne worse.

Drink Water

Drinking lots of water helps ease the hangover and reduces the alcohol induced break-outs, inflammation and redness, however, it is only one of the many steps necessary to restore all the lost hydration.


The first step to cure that hangover skin before Monday morning is to cleanse. As soon as you wake up from that long night, you must cleanse your face thoroughly. It is highly likely that you forgot to remove your makeup the night before and all those products are bound to clog your skin if not removed as soon as possible. Massage the cleanser on to your skin and then wash it off with warm water. The warm water will also help sooth your skin and relax your nerves.


Step two would be to exfoliate your skin. This is important because your skin loses a lot of its moisture after a heavy night of drinking. Due to this, your skin might look flaky and dry. Exfoliation usually acts like a quick mini facial which will not only hydrate and replenish your skin, but it will also help you feel better and relaxed.

Eye Patches

Moving on, step three is to find anti-puff eye patches ASAP!

Whether it was the alcohol or the 20 minutes of sleep you managed to get last night, your puffy under eyes might be giving all the details away. The quickest way to get rid of these puffy eyes is using cooling eye gel pads. They help take down inflammation instantly, giving you fresher looking eyes. If in case you don’t have eye gels available, don’t fret, the easiest alternate would be to use chamomile tea bags. All you need to do is steep the tea bags in hot water, take them out until they cool down a little and then put one on each eye for about 10 minutes.

Face Mask

Now, as its a Sunday morning, you can manage to take some time out for a quick mask! Now that your pores are all clean and your eyes aren’t so puffy, its time to lock in some moisture into your skin. DIYs might sound tiring so just find any mask in your beauty drawer, but make sure its a hydrating and soothing mask.

Hopefully, all these tips and tricks will help get rid of your hangover and save you from alcohol induced acne and break outs. Go to work this Monday looking fresher than usual!

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