Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions

Pregnancy can bring many changes to your body because of the changing hormones. Your skin is a part of your body so it gets affected too. Fortunately, most of these conditions are harmless and will go away after you give birth, but there are some conditions that can be serious and you should get medical attention immediately.

Mask of pregnancy

This condition is the result of increased pigmentation caused by your hormones. This causes dark splotches on your face, nose and cheeks. Don’t freak out because you are not alone, 75% of women experience mask of pregnancy when they are expecting. This pigmentation can affect any area of your body. Using a good sunscreen on your face can help reduce it and don’t worry you won’t be stuck with it forever. These splotches will go away after you give birth, but if not, then you can visit a dermatologist to get rid of it.

Stretch marks

Almost every woman gets stretch marks during pregnancy. These are reddish streaks which appear on your breasts or belly. Your stretch marks usually turn silver or white after giving birth. These stretch marks appear when you gain weight rapidly. To prevent it, keep your skin moisturized with cocoa butter or lotion.


You think about having that pregnancy glow while expecting, but instead of that bright glowing face you get stuck with acne. Acne appears because of oil glands produce more oil due to the hormonal changes and causes breakouts. Use topical treatment to clean your face with and if not, your acne will get better after you have given birth.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, loose, harmless growth of skin that can appear anywhere during pregnancy. Well, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, but you can get rid of it after your baby is born.


Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy is a common rash during pregnancy. These red patches are found around your stretch marks and are very itchy. This condition is harmless yet, annoying. Use a steroid cream given by your doctor to relieve the itching. These rashes will also go away after you give birth.


All women can experience hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. It is a common and harmless condition in which the patches of your skin become darker. The good news is that these patches lighten up after delivery, but they will not completely fade away.

Colestasis of pregnancy

This is a liver disease which occurs from high amounts of pregnancy hormones affecting your gallbladder. This causes severe itching on your body during your third trimester. This disease can cause irritation and can make the patient’s life miserable. These type of conditions can also cause jaundice. So, this is the kind of rash that you shouldn’t ignore and keep an eye on. Get checked by having a simple blood test and an oral medication may be able to treat it. You can also get cured of this disease after giving birth.

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