Red-Lip Look. Rock These 4 Gorgeous Shades of Red

Nothing says classy like a deep, bold red lip. No matter what you’re wearing or how your hair is styled, a red lip will always amp up your fashion game.

Many people falter before putting on a red lip color because apparently not everyone can pull it off. While it’s definitely a tough color to handle, it’s actually a very daring one, too.

And, with such gorgeous shades of red lip color coming out every day – who can resist?

We sure can’t!

If you are anything like us, get your hands on these most amazing red shades to pull off that bold red-lip look with grace and perfection!

1. Ruby Woo – MAC

Hands down, this is one of the richest and deepest shades of red. It is almost too dazzling a shade, and works amazingly well on almost all complexions and lip shapes.

While many people find Ruby Woo’s formula a little too drying. However, there’s nothing that a drop of lip oil can’t solve.

2. Uncensored – Fenty Beauty

Often referred to as “universally flattering”, this lip color is an amazing blood red shade. With excellent pigmentation, Uncensored delivers an exceptional color payoff. The formula is absolutely long-lasting and feels super smooth and silky on the lips even after 10 hours!

3. Bawse – Smashbox

It’s often rare to find the perfect red shade with an equally flattering formula; Bawse by Smashbox delivers both. With a formula that’s way as fabulous as they get and a shade that is extremely unique, this lip color is insanely pigmented with blue undertones for the ideal combo.

It gives a very matte finish to the lips and makes them look full even after being worn for the whole day.

Don That Bold Red-Lip Look with These 4 Gorgeous Shades of Red4. Don’t Stop – NARS

Featuring a bright, orangey-red, Don’t Stop will have you hooked forever. With a super fine texture and unbelievable staying power, this liquid lipstick is one of the best out there. It doesn’t flake one bit and applies like ink on the lips in one single, clean swipe.

So which shade of red are you going to get and fire up your style game?

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