The Best Red Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know!

As effortless as that girl’s pouty red lips looked in the party, there was definitely a mountain’s worth of effort behind it. Applying lipstick and ensuring that it stays on for the rest of the night is a heavy task. In fact applying a perfect lippie without smudging it around the corners is akin to an uphill battle.

However, this is not to say that you can’t achieve those perfectly bold, red lips. Let’s have a look at some genius red lipstick hacks to get you the perfect lips for the party.

1. Make it Last Long

The most common problem girls face with a red lipstick is that it wears off too quickly. Of the countless ways to make your lipstick last longer, using a tissue and some talcum are one of the best ways. Place a thin layer of tissue over your lips after applying the lipstick, then brush over some talcum or mineral powder.

This will help your lipstick settle nicely and last for the entire day!  

2. Keep Those Lips Looking Crisp and Neat

As breathtakingly gorgeous perfect red lips look, if applied in a care-free and messy manner, they can really end up making you looking like a clown. Just as ravishing the shade of red needs to look on your lips, it has to be equally neat and clean as well.

For that, a quick hack is to apply a tad bit of concealer on your lips using a brush and stroke it around the lines of your mouth. The concealer will instantly hide all the smudges.

3. Vampy Red Lips

If you’re looking for a darker, vampier shade of red but can’t find it, there is a simple hack for it. Simply line your lips with a shade of dark purple and smudge a little on your lips as well. Then apply the red lipstick and you will have yourself the most amazing vampy red lips!

4. Always Drink Through a Straw

Instead of glasses and cups, try to drink through a straw to avoid any dirty smudges in parties. After all, you will have to make some compromises if you want to look good in a red lipstick.

Follow these simple hacks and nobody will be able to beat you on those beautiful red lips.

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