How to Change Your Seasonal Look with Makeup?

How to Change Your Seasonal Look with Makeup?

Everyone wants the perfect look according to the occasion. Today, there are so many different ways you can do your makeup and look absolutely gorgeous at any event. There are websites and blogs that help guide you through the process of selecting an apt look for which ever event you want. How about seasons? Do you really care that much when it comes to different seasons? In fact, it is really necessary to change your look with different seasons.

Every season brings a different edge to the environment and your surroundings, it changes the quality and type of your skin and can also effect the type of makeup that would settle well or suit you better. Here are some ways you can do your makeup according to different seasons.


Summer brings all the light and warmth and it is important that you use a sunscreen on your skin before any makeup item. Try avoiding the use of foundations because they can cake-up your face and make you feel sweaty or oily. Second, use a highlighter or bronzer to add to that summer glow. You can use light shades of blush and lip tints to add a little color to your look.


Fall is the time of the year when all dull yet warm shades come to life. For your fall look, you can use shades of brown, orange or dull red for your eyes. Define your eyebrows and use a mascara for your lashes. You can also use a little contour to make your look appear even stronger. Add a bright and bold color for your lips as it lifts up the entire look.


Finally, the time of the year which is not an enemy to your makeup. Makeup sets better in winter, even though there is a possibility that your foundation creases. To avoid this, you can either use a makeup setting spray, primer or a damp applicator when applying your foundation. Second up, use a nice and warm color of contour and blush, this would give a soft and comfortable look. You can use neutral shades for the usual days and go for darker, defined eyes for formal events. Finally, add some color by using a dark yet moisturizing lipstick so you can save your lips from drying.


The sun is back up and flowers are blooming. Spring is the right time to use up all your light shades as the weather is airy and fresh! Try using more of pastel colors on your eyes. A usual pink blush would go very well with pastel colored eyes. Don’t use a heavy foundation because it’ll cover your face up too much, go for lighter alternatives. To brighten up your look, use light pink, peach or natural colors of lip tints. Voila, you’re done!

These are a few ways you can change your look from season to season and look spectacular each time!

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