Skin Care Routine for Busy Working Women

Skin Care Routine for Busy Working Women

Who says a working women can’t look pretty or fresh? Who says their skin can’t be as radiant? Who says women with busy mornings must always look tired?

We understand that not every woman has enough time or energy to spend hours in front of the mirror. Specially women who have to tackle work and family or kids. They find it very fatiguing to put themselves together each morning and rightly so, however, never give yourself an excuse to ignore yourself. Whether you are a working woman or a stay at home mom, taking care of your skin and beautifying yourself must never be compromised.

All you need to do is follow a basic, simple and quick skin care regime. Most of us have to stay outdoors and this is what makes it important to save your skin from UV rays. Many working women, however, work indoors, sitting in that AC constantly can soak up all the moisture from our skin. Some very simple steps can help combat all these issues and won’t even take much of your time.

Exfoliate daily

Now no matter how busy you are; you always have time to wash your face. All we ask from you now is to stop using striping soapy products and switch to some natural exfoliators like coffee. Coffee scrub helps exfoliate the skin, get rid of redness and acne, and the smell is surely going to wake you up!

Moisturize your skin daily

Using a moisturizer daily is essential. We highly recommend you DermaSet’s 3D Renewal Science. Make it a habit to use it in the morning and before going to bed if you have super dry skin. Whether you shower the night before or right before going to work, remember to moisturize your skin immediately.


If you are someone who works outdoors mostly, start wearing sunscreen before stepping out in the bright sun. Sunscreen acts as a protective layer and prevents your skin from aging and tanning. Sunscreen acts as a great primer for your makeup as well.


Drink it up ladies. Staying hydrated internally helps your skin stay clear and reduces wrinkle production also. Busy women don’t take care of their health because they don’t have the time.  So try to make a conscious effort to stay hydrated.

If water bores you, brew some green tea and drink that. It helps cut down the fat accumulating inside as well as keeping you hydrated.

Do not forget to “Cleanse”

Even after a hectic schedule cleansing your skin is a must.  Instead of washing your face with soap, it’s better to opt for face cleansers.  Cleansers remove dead cells and give you clear, and flawless skin.

Skin care can surely seem overwhelming and highly time consuming, but this simple and easy to maintain regimen will keep your face glowing no matter what!

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