There’s no food that contains ALL the nutrients and energy that we need to nourish ourselves. To make sure we consume all the right nutrients, we must have a balanced diet with all the possible health benefits.

Incorporating these 10 superfoods into your daily diet will prove to be very beneficial as they are all rich in anti-oxidants, have multiple disease fighting nutrients and minimum calories. These superfoods have proven to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet1. Avocado

Rich in Oleic acid, it lowers the risk of heart and other inflammatory diseases.  Adding avocados to any salad increases its nutritional value by a great margin.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet2. Sweet Potatoes

This popular root vegetable trumps carrot when it comes to the value of beta-carotene. It also helps balance blood glucose levels and raises levels of vitamin A in the blood which is essential for maintaining a happy and healthy immune system and eyesight.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet3. Kale

This green leafy vegetable surpasses the calcium content of milk. Rich in various essential vitamins, consuming kale daily can help fight cancer and can actually repair DNA in damaged cells.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet4. Blueberries

Low in sugar and known to be the richest in anti-oxidants, this little berry also contains vitamin C and fiber. Rich in fiber, blueberries help solve all the digestive issues and helps keep the digestive system happy and healthy. Blueberries also have proven to help improve memory and delay multiple cognitive issues related to aging. Blueberries also help lower the risk of heart issues and provide potassium. Really a super food isn’t it?

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet5. Apple

They don’t just say it for fun, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. A great source of Vitamin C and soluble fiber, this fruit improves blood glucose and balances cholesterol levels. Also rich in anti-oxidants, apples help promote the production of collagen which further strengthens veins and capillaries, and gives the skin a natural glow.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet6. Salmon

Extremely rich in B12 and vitamin D with one of the highest concentration of omega-3, salmon needs to be your new best friend. Recently proven, eating salmon helps improve cardiovascular health and might even help reduce depression. Salmon is often known as the ultimate brain food as it helps improve learning capabilities.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet7. Eggplants

Not as commonly known, this food has very high fiber content. Furthermore, with its practically nonexistent fat and calorie counts, it is great for weight loss. Rich in other heart healthy components such as potassium, egg plants are a great food to add to your diet.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet8. Asparagus

You either love this green vegetable or you absolutely hate it, but just remember that asparagus is rich in fiber, potassium and foliate, vitamins A, B6, C and K.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet9. Bell Peppers/Capsicum

Red bell peppers are known to be the healthiest as it prevents cancer and keeps teeth, gums and eyesight in the best shape. Rich in Lycopene, Carotene and Vitamins A, B, C and K, bell peppers when added to the daily diet can also help reduce internal inflammation.

10 Superfoods That you Should Include in Your Diet10. Allium Foods

Leeks, garlic, chives and onions all belong to the Allium family. Having antibiotic advantages, these food items increase immunity and helps fight multiple diseases especially neurological diseases.

Having any food is beneficial specially greens, however, these ten superfoods mentioned here are sure to enrich your body with all the required nutrients.

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