5 Must Have Skin Products to Keep in Your Purse

skin products

Why do you carry such a big bag? What’s inside it?

You have probably been asked these questions by dubious men (once or twice) as they skeptically stare at your purse. You might have answered them with a smile or an eye roll.

Sensible women know that a makeup emergency might arise at anytime. After all it is better to have your own essentials, rather than running around like a headless chicken borrowing makeup supplies when the impromptu meeting or lunch date crops up.

Apart from the makeup essentials, you also need skin products to keep your skin nourished during the long strenuous day.

Therefore, do not step out of the house without these skin products:

1. Moisturizer with SPF15

A dab of moisturizer in the morning is never enough. The pollution and heat outside sucks the moisture out and leaves your skin dry in the middle of the day. This is why it is necessary to take your moisturizing cream along, preferably one with a sun block.

The dual purpose cream keeps your skin nourished and adds the protection you need from the harsh sun rays.

2. Face Wash

Can you feel the dirt and grime on your face? Especially on days the pollution and traffic are a bit too much to handle.

With a face wash in your bag, you’d be able to freshen up your face after a long commute or day out.

3. Face Mist

What about days when your skin looks dehydrated? When it is very hot and your skin is crying for moisture! On days like these your skin needs water as much as your parched throat. That is why you need to own a face mist. Don’t get us wrong: face mists aren’t water, but like water for the dehydrated body, facial mists similarly replenish your skin.

A spritz of face mist on a hot day helps you beat the heat with its cool spray. The antioxidants and minerals inside keep the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. If you have dry skin, we recommend our facial mist / oil routine. It’s the best method to get by throughout the day. 

4. BB Creams

Do you want to go days without makeup, but still need the coverage? We recommend two options: tinted SPF moisturizers or BB creams.

BB creams conceal those imperfections and provide you with the even toned coverage you desire. An added bonus is that many natural BB creams come with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins and glycerin for that moisture and shine.

5. Compact Powder

Your make-up is bound to get dismantled during the day. What do you do then?

To keep the touch up supply at a minimum, you need to have a compact powder with you. Keep that make-up looking fresh and on point with a few pats of your compact powder.

Which skin products have you been carrying? Which ones weren’t on your list?

What more?

Other than the skincare basics you need to:

  • Keep a hand cream in case your hands feel dry
  • Lipstick for the ever-receding tint that you chew up
  • An eyeliner to make your eyes look that much livelier
  • A blush to always have a little color on your cheeks

All these essentials combine to form a secret weapon that always keeps your skin damage-free and your make-up look on point!

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