3 Skincare Mistakes That May Be Giving You AcneIf you’ve tried just about every remedy for your acne and still haven’t found the one, then chances are you’re doing something seriously wrong. Many of us end up frustrated trying out extremely harsh treatments to do away with those pesky red pimples.

However, your skin doesn’t work like that. It’s highly complex and its wellbeing depends on a lot of factors. If you still haven’t found the solution to your acne, have a look at the following blunders you may be making to aggravate it.

1. Drying Out Your Skin

Perhaps this is the most common mistake people with acne make. Just because acne is a result of excess sebum on the skin’s surface, it doesn’t mean drying it out is the solution. Often, the sebum is a result of extreme dryness on the skin.

Your skin’s natural defense against dryness is to produce more sebum. Hence, using harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, accutane, and drying oils can make your acne worse.

2. Using Makeup Wipes as a Cleanser

It is extremely important to wipe off all the make-up before you go to bed. People who have acne should not be using thick emollients or makeup removers to clean it off. A good dissolving cleanser that melts out the impurities is what they need.

If you use make-up wipes as a cleanser, you could clog your pores, which may result in breakouts. Hence, don’t be lazy and try to take out a few minutes to use a proper acne cleanser instead.

3. Not Rinsing Properly

While washing your face too much worsens acne, not rinsing your face properly can do even more harm. Some people just want to leave their acne be and not touch it at all. They don’t even wash their face twice because they want the acne to heal on its own.

This is wrong and can result in dirtier skin, which will definitely result in more bumps and acne. Washing your face twice a day is good enough and should never be skipped.

Make sure not to make these mistakes, and always follow your skincare with a light moisturizer!

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