How Does Traveling Affect Your Skin?

How Does Travelling Affect Your Skin?

Traveling is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself but in some scenarios it is the opposite. Traveling can have a huge impact on your skin; it may lead to an increase in stress hormones which may further cause inflammation and acne. It also adds dehydration to your skin.

There are several reasons why travelling might affect your skin.

Lack of sleep

When we are travelling from one time zone to another, it affects our sleep. Lack of sleep every night decreases the moisture levels of our skin and lowers our complexion. This makes the skin look dry and dull. Sleep requirements vary from one person to another; some people can survive on a few hours of sleep and on the other hand, some people need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

So when we travel, our sleeping patterns get affected and it doesn’t take long for sleep deprivation to affect our skin.

Junk Food

The food we eat and how much we eat changes while we travel which in return isn’t great for our skin. While travelling, try to limit the junk and processed food intake and focus on having fresh fruits and vegetables, which are skin-loving foods. The foods we eat impact our skin`s appearance, all skin conditions are different for every person but our diet plays an important role so even when we are traveling, we should try to eat organic things.

Sun Exposure

Whether its summers or winters, always ensure to carry a sunscreen along with yourself. There are a number of outdoor activities which you may perform especially while travelling such as hiking, jet skiing, taking beach trips, surfing, snow boarding or ice skating. It is not possible to plan out all our days when we are on a vacation, so don’t forget to keep your sunblock and moisturizer with you so you can protect your skin from sunburns and damage.


We all have different skin types and every skin behaves differently. The air on the land is different from the air on a plane; remember to apply a hydrating mask the night before you travel and also keep a moisturizing lotion with you on the plane because the air on the plane makes our skin really dry. Traveling is a delight for the body and soul, just make sure to maintain and take care of your skin.

The whole point of a vacation is to get some relaxation, so make sure you come back home looking fresh and healthy. In order to avoid any kind of breakouts while travelling, you need to prepare. You need to decide which products you want to travel with, keep a control on your diet, drink more water and apply your sunscreen and moisturizer regularly and continue to pamper your skin and keep it makeup free as much as you can.

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