What is Cica and What Does it Do?


It’s like every other day you are bombarded with a new cosmetic product and you can’t resist trying it. So what’s the hottest trend in today’s skincare industry? Cica creams. What the heck is that anyway?

Cica creams have been in vogue for quite some time now; it’s only recently that they started becoming the new skincare trend. Want to know what it does for you? Read on.

Cica creams are anti-aging moisturizers that can help you recover from fine lines and wrinkles, provided that you get your hands on the right product.

So what is it?

The name cica is derived from the ingredient Centella Asiatica. Centella Asiatica, also referred to as tiger grass, is an herb that comes from Chinese medicine. You can only use it on your face and the compounds help to fight acne and reduce blemishes. Cica cream helps in reviving skin tissue, repairing damaged skin cells, re-establishing the natural protective barrier and protecting skin from harmful UV radiation, environmental toxins and damage.

Cica cream works like a protective shield for your skin. No doubt that your face, being the most visible part of your body, is continuously exposed to all forms of environmental pollutants. During the day, your face accumulates dirt, dust and other toxic substances that build up on your skin and speed up the aging process. Environmental pollution can strip your skin of its natural protective layer and cause loss of moisture and breakouts. Cica creams serve to protect your skin from environmental toxins and heal signs of aging.

Why should you use it?

When you grow older, your skin tends to lose elasticity, natural moisture and pH balance levels. Skin tissue is more vulnerable to damage – this causes skin discoloration and dull or gray appearance. Also your skin starts to sag and dry out. Cica creams can help retain natural moisture, repair protective skin layer and clear blemishes or aging signs. Furthermore, your skin feels softer, suppler and evened out. Cica creams reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enables the skin to appear firmer.

If you continue using cica cream regularly, over time you will restore the natural elasticity of skin as your skin cells rejuvenate. You no longer have to deal with a dull complexion or signs of old age. You can still enjoy a youthful glow. The protective layer of the skin gradually gets stronger which keeps you protected from environmental toxins, pollutants and pathogens.

Apparently, cica creams are effective for sensitive skin because it reduces irritation, redness, acne breakouts and blemishes. Studies show that when you use cica cream for topical purposes, it can cure wounds or burns. Cica cream helps in minimizing inflammation, redness and increasing collagen production.

How can you use it

That depends on the requirements of the brand you get. You may be required to apply cica cream before sleeping or both during the day and night. To apply the cream, make sure that your face is cleansed of makeup, other cosmetics and impurities.

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