People don’t realize how easy doing the ‘instantly effective’ leg exercises at home can be. You don’t need any leg press machines, squat bars, stair climbers to get yourself that perfect leg. All you need is a chair, your own body weight and most importantly – motivation! You don’t even need to be at home; these exercises can be done anytime and anywhere.

Bodyweight Squats

While doing these, your feet should be shoulder width apart, and at an angle that allows all your body weight to be placed on your heels. Now push your butt back as if to sit on a chair. Make sure you don’t lean too forward; your knees should not go further than your toes. You should keep going down until your thighs are parallel to the floor beneath.

That’s one rep. Go back to starting position and repeat.

Plié Squat Half Raises

Your stance for this should be a little further apart than your shoulder width, and should already be in the mid-squat position. While in this position, turn out your toes by lifting both heels up from the ground, with your hands laced together in front of you. Now in a second or two, bring your heels back down. Do this movement at a fast pace.

Pistol Squats

The stance for this exercise is to keep your feet joined together. Now while you hinge your hips, you need to extend one leg in front of you, while bending your other leg to 90 degrees. In this position, keep your back straight and descend for a squat. For your next set, do the vice versa for your other leg.

This particular squat may be super difficult for your first time, but don’t get discouraged! Get back up and start again.

These three were just the leg exercises you need to do to get the legs of your dreams. Every other part of your body can also be toned perfectly using without-weight exercises at home. Embrace the burn and give them all a try!

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