Gainful Protein Review: A Peak Behind All the Glitz & Glam

Gainful Protein Review: A Peak Behind All the Glitz & Glam

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number fitness products out there?  Well, this is exactly what the founders of Gainful felt when they walked though popular health-supplement stores.

Eric Wu, who is one of the founders, said that all these fitness products are marketed in a super-obnoxious manner. All of them have huge and sweaty body builders featured on them, and they kind of make customers feel inadequate. This is one of the catalysts that brought forward the ideation for Gainful.

How Does Gainful Work?

Gainful works in a manner that is quite unique. Interested customers need to visit their website at Here, they will find a quiz they are supposed to answer specific questions about their exercise habits, weight, height, body type, age, and why they are looking for protein supplements.

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Once all these questions have been answered, their website’s algorithm will match the information to what they believe will be the perfect blend for the customer. Once the customer orders through, the 3 founders of Gainful – Jefferey Yan, Jahaan Ansar,i and Wu create this blend in their Findlay Kitchen by Over-the-Rhine and then ship it out.

In these blends, the 3 founders use ingredients such as stevia sweeteners, cocoa powder, whey protein, and the likes. All these ingredients are sourced from their wholesale distributors from all over the country. The company has their own registered dietician as well. According to the founders, any potential customer can go ahead and set appointments with this dietician to discuss nutrition, weight loss, or anything related to the supplements.

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What People Are Saying

Gainful was able to secure very decent reviews from its customers and even bagged the nomination for the Best Protein Powder for Women in 2018. Most of the customers were impressed with the packaging and the execution of this product.

Is it good though? Well, the overall consensus from our research signified that Gainful was easily at par with all the other powders. The company is slowly being preferred over its competitors. This is because of its novelty and pristine packaging and the fact that customers can get tailored ingredients according to their needs.

Other than this, customers had also noted that the product had a smooth consistency and its formulation was able to get rid of one distinct problem found in other supplements. The protein powder in Gainful dissolves very easily and does not leave annoying chunks in the liquid.

Gainful also proved that it works as a great base for smoothies alongside delivering a superior performance. Some even said that its performance matched its slightly above average price tag.

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Professional Perks

A great product is defined by its company’s after sales services. Well, Gainful gets the deserving tick here as well as it provides its customers with a free access to its hired and registered nutritionists. Whenever someone purchases Gainful, they are offered the chance to chat with their nutritionist in order to discuss weight loss, fitness, nutrition, ingredients of supplements, and even what workout routines work best with the product.

All customers will have to do is click on the ‘nutritionist’ option on their website and they will be automatically contacted by these hired nutritionists via email. These conversations were found to be quite to the point by past customers – but reviews implied that the dieticians were well-informed and help customers in making the best decisions.

Another professional perk of this product was that the product perfectly takes care of aesthetics as well. This is because of the packaging, which really makes the product stand out in front other products while offering customers the chance to customize their own products.

So there you have it folks – you know what all the glitz and glam was all about. Go ahead and try out the Gainful experience on your own to find out what all the hype really is about.


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