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We recently had a one-on-one with Franchesca Rodriquez, founder of Element Beauty Products, a website that sells jade rollers of various sizes, textures and colors. Shop her selection and you’re sure to find the crystal roller of your dreams. Whether you prefer the smooth original jade roller, or the jade embossed roller – there’s a little something for everyone. Their full range of jade rollers offer their customers options based off of their specific wants and needs.

Additionally, what further sets them a part are their high quality products coupled with affordability.

“We try to keep our prices low to make our jade rollers affordable for everyone,” says Rodriquez.

Take a look at their prices, and you’ll see how they’re accomplishing just that.

However, our curiosity grew as we perused their selection. It may not be limited in roller designs or their anti-aging, skin-toning abilities – but limited in the types of crystals available. Rodriquez only sells jade rollers, though six crystal rollers are available, including the energy potent black obsidian.

The Beauty of the Jade

“Jade Rollers are definitely my favorite,” says Rodriquez. “In Chinese culture, jade is a symbol of purity and health…which is why it makes such a perfect face massager. The healing properties expel toxins and slow down premature aging skin cells.”

She further admits that the chic complexion of jade appeals to her vanity. She isn’t the only one. Across Instagram, you either see the jade roller or rose quartz as one part of a skincare routine. But it isn’t all about beauty for Rodriquez. She loves the jade crystal due to the science behind it. You know – the kind of science that’s fun and interesting.

“…There is some cool science behind how (jade rollers) work,” says Rodriquez. “The light pressure of the jade roller gets the lymphatic system moving again.”

Rodriquez explains that the lymphatic system produces fluids that assist in natural cell regeneration in your face.  Over time, stress and excess product use on the face blocks the lymphatic system from doing its job, which is to produce proper levels of secretion.

“…The jade roller opens up the blockages and aligns the system to boost circulation, cell turnover and promote natural healing,” says Rodriquez. “By allowing the facial tissue to deeply relax, the jade roller can move this fluid out to smooth fine lines and reduce inflammation.”

This is a science I tried to explain in a recent article on the benefits of jade rollers. Not so eloquently as Franchesca Rodriquez.

Best Products to Use with Your Jade Roller

“Jade rollers are a great beauty tool on their own,” explains Rodriquez. “But when paired up with serums and moisturizers, you really begin to see and feel a difference in your skin.”

As Rodriquez states, the jade roller works perfectly on its own, which is why we recommend the use of simple, yet effective skincare products. You may see a skincare routine that consists of seven products in their morning routine and ten in their nightly routine. That’s a wee bit unnecessary. Try the following products for the best results:

  • Cleanser – Always cleanse before applying skincare products to create a clean canvas
  • Facial toner / mist – This will hydrate your skin and balance your pH levels
  • High quality moisturizer or all-natural oil to lock in and amplify your moisture levels
  • Facial serum – Choosea serum that targets your pain points (hyper pigmentation; wrinkles; age spots, etc.)
  • Eye cream (optional) – Pretty soon, eye creams will become non-negotiable in your routine if you hope to diminish wrinkles. Make sure to purchase a medical grade eye cream for actual results

Rodriquez’s favorite product to use with her jade roller is Maelove’s The Glowmaker, an antioxidant serum with vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid. She uses it along with her jade roller during her morning routine.

“The serum moisturizes and acts as a makeup primer while my Jade Roller helps the product gently seep deeply into my skin.”

She recommends that you use your roller as often as you desire and suggests that you use it in the morning and evening for at least four minutes to receive maximum results.

Rodriquez Dishes Why She Started Using Jade Rollers

For Rodriquez, it all started with “bad skin.”

“I never had bad skin until about a year ago,” she says. “All of a sudden I had really oily, acne prone skin. I began obsessing over trending serums and products, but nothing really helped because I couldn’t keep any consistency to my routine.”

She then discovered the benefits of jade rollers and decided to give it a try. Like many of us, it offered Rodriquez the relief she was searching for. She prefers jade rollers the same reason we all do: they’re easy to use and offer magnificent results with consistent use. And who wouldn’t use a jade roller consistently? In the words of Franchesca Rodriquez: “It was like getting a facial every night. I quickly started seeing results and haven’t stopped using it since.”

About Element Beauty Products 

Here at Element Beauty Products, we bring you truly natural, radiant skincare that provides results you can see and feel. Bring back relaxation into your beauty routine and say hello to naturally glowing skin! In the future, they plan to add the Quartz crystal rollers and Gua Sha facial tools further down the road – be on the look-out! 

Shop our full line of Jade Rollers and learn more at Element Beauty Products today.

Currently, our full line is 50% off as a promotional sale that will be ending soon!

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