Making mistakes while doing makeup is very common. People nowadays love to experiment with different products and making blunders out of it. Imagine spending hours doing your makeup, but still not getting satisfactory results. Here, we are going to talk about the common mistakes people make while doing makeup and make your life a little easy for you.

Over washing or cleansing your face

You must be thinking now how can washing your face create makeup mistakes. Washing or cleansing your face is the first important step in doing your makeup, but over washing it can leave your skin dry. It is suggested that you wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night to protect your skin from getting dry. Use a mild or gentle cleanser and go easy on your skin.

Applying foundation on dry skin

Not moisturizing your face and applying your makeup on dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes. This will make your skin look dull, rough and your foundation will get patchy. So, make sure that while doing makeup your face is properly moisturized and hydrated before you apply makeup on.

Wrong lightening

To get the perfect makeup look, try doing your makeup in natural lightening to avoid any mishaps. You can see the best result of your makeup under natural lightening only.

Not blending properly

People often make this mistake of not blending their make up properly. The secret behind the perfect makeup look is blending. Unblended makeup can look harsh on your skin and you will end up looking like an amateur. Invest in some good makeup brushes and beauty blenders to avoid this mistake, and take as much time as it takes to blend your makeup in.

Wearing too much foundation

People over load on foundation to hide their dark spots or blemishes, but this is a concealer’s job. Put little amount of foundation on your skin to avoid your skin from looking cakey. Choosing the right shade of foundation is also very important or you will end up looking too pale or orange. The only way to get a flawless face is using a shade that matches your skin tone. Also make sure that you apply your foundation on your neck so that your face and neck can look the same.

Loading up on shimmer

We agree, shimmery eye shadows can look very pretty, but only on the right occasions. People often use glitter over their entire eyelid. Glitter eye shadows should only be used on the inner corners of your eyes.

Too much bronzer

Bronzers are not meant to be applied all over your face. The only places where your bronzer is needed is on your cheekbones, forehead and jawline. Once you have applied your bronzer, make sure to blend it properly.

Wrong lip color

Always go for lip shades that match your skin tone. If you want to wear a dark lip color, make sure that the rest of your makeup is light.

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