Drawbacks of Dieting

Drawbacks of Dieting

Weight loss comes with both advantages and disadvantage. If you are planning to lose weight, you should know that there are some serious drawbacks of dieting. Before starting any diet be sure that you are aware of all the drawbacks which can occur during your weight loss journey. Dieting can be bad for your mental and physical health. Although, rapid weight loss can slow your metabolism, which can lead to weight gain in the future. Depriving your body from essential nutrients can weaken your immune system and the risks of dehydration, heart palpitations and cardiac stress increases. A constant focus on weight loss can also cause eating disorder like anorexia and bulimia. Now here we are going to mention some of the drawbacks to be aware of while dieting.

Eating few calories

When your body does not get enough calories, it slows down your metabolism and energy levels. Everything stops working which is not a good way of living. While dieting your calorie intake should not be less than 300 calories.

Restricting yourself

This major drawback of dieting teaches you an unhealthy mind set of restriction just to get healthy. Don’t deny yourself from eating, instead focus on adding healthy foods to your diet and keep yourself focused in a healthy and positive way.


If you are not eating enough, it is natural for you to feel tired. In order to stay healthy and energetic, it is important that you do your diet correctly so you don’t feel hungry or tired. Eat enough calories so you don’t feel fatigued or fall ill. Lack of nutrition causes sickness.

Depression and Anxiety

People often become very depressed or anxious while dieting. The reason why this happens is because people have to give up on their favorite food, caffeine and other stuff they are addicted to. When we restrict ourselves from something, we crave that thing even more and holding ourselves off can cause depression. The good news is that this can pass, just eat healthy fats and enough proteins and treat yourself with a cheat meal once a week.

Losing muscles

When you eat less calories, muscle loss tends to happen. Your body eats your muscles for energy. Not including protein in your diet also causes muscle loss. Eat enough muscle building food to feed your muscle and prevent muscle loss.

Change in digestion

If you are not eating enough in your diet, your digestion can slow down. Constipation may also occur. Add healthy calories in your diet so that your digestion can work itself and can get back to normal.


Headache is a very common drawback of dieting. This occurs if you remove caffeine, sugar or other foods that you are addicted to from your life. This can also be sign of detox or not eating enough. Indulge in a healthy diet and eat at least 1500 calories a day. This will keep you active and you will get enough nutrients. Another reason for headaches can be dehydration, so consume lots of water throughout the day.

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