Your skin is the largest organ you have. It is naturally structured in a way that protects all other organs from damage. It also proves to be a layer of insulation from drastic changes in weather conditions and protects you from any possible damage that the outer environment can cause to your body. However, this massive part of your body, which miraculously keeps all other parts protected from impairment and harm can sometimes be subject to diseases and disorders itself.

Even though it is beginning to become common day by day, very little people actually take care of their skin. However, its significance for your survival and safety will be enough to remind you of how important it is to not only pay attention to your skin, but also be aware of the various problems that it may face. Below is a list of common skin disorders and what causes them.


Acne is mostly caused by hormonal changes or excess oil on your skin. If your skin is not cleansed every day, you may be more prone to problems like acne, pimples and blemishes. Acne can sometimes also be caused or made worse by a high-fat diet or using skin products that don’t suit your skin type.

Cold sores

Most people are not aware of what cold sores are. These are painful, fluid filled blisters which commonly appear near the mouth and lip region. They usually produce a burning or tingling feeling before these blisters become visible. They are caused by a virus called herpes simplex and can be contagious upon close contact.


They are products of an allergic reaction. They are small pimple like welts which are itchy, red, warm and mildly painful. You are most likely to develop these as a result of an allergen. If you have recently been exposed to or eaten something you are allergic to, your skin is most likely to react in such a way. This is due to the histamines released in your blood stream, which then stimulate your skin to produce these small welts as a protective mechanism.

Actinic keratosis

These are small pink, gray or brown patches of scaly, dry and crusty skin which are commonly formed on parts of your skin that are frequently exposed to the sun. It is the ultra violet rays in the sun that causes this disorder on your skin, you are more likely to be a victim of actinic keratosis if you are above 60 years of age and have light colored skin.

These are usually the most commonly seen skin disorders. However, none of them are chronic or fatal to your health. Thanks to development in dermatology and science, you can use preventive measures to help keep yourself safe from the likelihood of being a victim to any of the above. If you are already facing one of these, you must not worry and instead visit a dermatologist at your earliest convenience.

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