Oil cleansing is our personal favorite way to cleanse the skin. Using a combination of high quality oils for the oil cleansing method makes a huge difference in how your skins feels, looks and breathes. Now if you don’t know what oil cleansing really is then we’ve got your back.  It is simply using high quality oil or a mixture of oils to wash your face instead of using your standard foaming cleanser.

Now if you’re wondering OMG no way am I using oil on my already greasy oily skin then don’t worry. It’s just a myth that using oil on your face will cause breakouts and clog pores. We assure you that if you use good quality organic oils for your face, you will not breakout. In fact, your skin will feel plump, hydrated and radiant in no time.

So now let’s move the next question, how exactly does oil cleanse the skin? Oils are an emollient which means they can soften the surface layers of your skin because they don’t penetrate as deep as moisturizers. Now in general most oils have fatty acids, which are of two types. One is called Linoleic and one is called Oleic. So now that we have the scientific terms out of the way, an oil cleanser basically dissolves excess oils on your skin and any other unnecessary particles such as makeup, without any harsh ingredients, or unnecessary preservatives present in foaming cleansers. This means that your face gets a deep clean without any disruption of the skin’s natural microbiome. The simple logic to it is “Like dissolves like”.

You can easily make your own oil cleansers at home by mixing some of the best oils. Castor oil is a star when it comes to skin cleansing. Some of our other favorites are Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Now a simply DIY oil cleanser mixture that we would like to recommend is; 30% Castor oil, 50% Jojoba Oil and 20% of any specialty oil which you think will work best for your skin. Our suggestions would be Neem oil, Rose hip oil or sea Buckthorn oil. Just add these ingredients into a bottle with a pump and mix it up well.

Key things to remember while using oil cleansers are – don’t use them as moisturizers, most facial oils are great for all skin types. However, do your research according to your skin type before making your facial oil cleanser mix.

And Lastly, you can use this cleanser twice a day like you would with your regular foaming cleanser. It may feel slightly strange initially, but once you get used to oil cleansing there really will be no going back from it.

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