We all grew up hearing “You are what you eat”.

Did you know that what you eat goes right to your brain, affects neurotransmitter and hormone productions, and has a direct impact on your mood?

It does! So here’s what you should be eating for a happier and healthier you.

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouBeans

Packed with flavor and easy to prepare, these magnesium rich legumes help in producing serotonin, one of the happy hormones. They’re also filled with iron, fiber, copper, antioxidants and other goodies to make you happy inside and out!

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouBlueberry Juice

Not only does a nice chilled glass of blueberry juice taste like heaven, but with tons of vitamin C’s, antioxidants like resveratrol, and other benefits, this is happiness in a glass. With energy boosting properties of the vitamins and depression fighting antioxidants, you better load up on this!

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouEggs

Warm, comfy and so good, eggs are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, Vitamin B and protein. With tons of energy and an active body, your mood will be stable and elevated. So whip up some omelets tomorrow morning!

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouRed Peppers

With tons of vitamins C and A, and not to mention the cheery color, red peppers contain a high concentration of mood elevating vitamins, strengthen the immune system, and lessen the symptoms of cold and flu.

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouCoconut

Eat it, drink it, sprinkle it, bake it – this tasty treat is packed with vitamins that have a neuroprotective effect, which means a healthier, active and a happier brain! With healthy fats and minerals, coconuts are simply the best.

Foods to Eat For a Happier YouGreen Tea

Turns out, the naturally occurring caffeine in green tea is linked to mood improvements! Not only that, green tea is linked to better memory, metabolism and a healthier immune system!

I think it’s time to revamp our grocery lists, am I right?

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