Shiny Skin or Excess Oil? Tips.Have there ever been times when you notice that your forehead or your chin suddenly starts shining? There’s this certain sheen across the area that definitely doesn’t look like the kind of shine your makeup highlighter gives you. It is more like a greasy display of oil on your face.

Well, that’s exactly what it is. You can truly blame the overactive sebaceous glands in your body that are producing all this oil.

You might have also noticed that the shine is even worse across your T-zone, primarily comprising of your chin, forehead and nose. That happens because these oil and sebum producing glands are more concentrated in these areas.

If you also suffer from oily skin, here is what you can do to minimize it and keep your skin super mattified.

Cleanse Regularly

A thorough and deep cleansing action every morning and evening will help you get rid of all excess oil and sebum that is sitting on your skin.

Choose a cleanser that has kaolin in it. This is a mud that has deep cleansing powers that help minimize shine and oil on your face.

Also, every time that you notice your skin looking all greasy, resist the temptation to wash it because over washing can worsen this by triggering your pores to release more oil.

Always Use a Toner

Toning your face regularly will help remove excess oil from your face along with any makeup or dirt residue sitting beneath your skin. A toner particularly with witch hazel is even better because it will cleanse and tone your face without stripping off any moisture from your skin.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Needles to say, moisturizing is possibly one of the most important steps of any skincare routine. It helps replace all the moisture that was lost in the previous steps and also keeps your skin really hydrated. Apply a water-based and oil-free moisturizer to keep your pores clean and dirt-free and to keep your skin healthy and nourished.


If you choose the right products for your skin and apply them with consistence, your shiny and oily skin issue will be over before you even know it.

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