Skin Care Products Over the Years

Skin Care Products Over the Years

Taking care of our skin has always been a top most priority for women. Back in the day, when the beauty industry was not that developed, people still used to take care of their skin by using different things on their faces. We have access to every skin care product, all we have to do is go and buy one, but people have been using natural products since ages to fight their skin problems or just to have a normal smooth looking skin.

Skin care routine of the ancients

Keeping your skin moisturized or hydrated wasn’t that easy for the people of Egypt. To avoid dryness and other skin issues, they used natural products on their skin like honey or beeswax. Ancient Romans used olive oil for cleansing and moisturizing. Light skin was valued that time because it showed a sign of wealth, many skin care products came out that time for skin lightening purposes. Such products included chalk powder or white lead powder. But these aren’t the only things they used, some of the skin lighteners were simply disgusting yet expensive such as crocodile dung.

The dark ages and renaissance period

The desire for pale skin had become an obsession for these people. The use of toxic powders which contained lead became common. To remove that powder off their faces they used wine, vinegar or milk because water was not enough.

The French revolution era

Fair skin was still an obsession, but people went with natural ingredients instead of using toxic substances on their face. Lemon juice was used to lighten up the skin and other ingredients such as egg yolks, honey and oatmeal were preferable too. This gave the Americans and Europeans a natural radiance and glow.

Early modern period

In early 20th century, skin care started to look like what it does today. The formulas of these skin care products were made carefully. All kinds of cream and serums became available to people. Some homemade products made up of beeswax and mineral oil were applied before using makeup. Obsession with fair skin was gone by then and people learned how to embrace their skin. Oil creams were applied in the hope that it would reduce the amount of wrinkles. To remove dirt and make up ladies, used cold creams.


Today the beauty industry is taking over the world and coming out with new and different products everyday. There are varieties of skin care products available in the market. Women are preferring organic products to use because it causes no harm or side effects to their skin. People follow a proper skin care routine before going to bed, which includes products like eye cream, serum, moisturizer, facial cleansers and other products. All the women back in the day preferred having fair skin, but today people are obsessing over tanned skin, they go through different procedures and apply many kinds of cream to get that perfect tanned look they desire.

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