Skincare is not just a concept; it’s a mandatory, every day routine that must be a part of your life in order to keep your skin healthy, happy, and forever young!

Planning the ideal skincare routine is an accomplishment many people struggle to achieve. Despite having almost everything, they simply fail to cherish the kind of skin that’s desirable to them. Why? Because almost everyone overlooks one essential product: toner.

4 Reasons Why Toner Is Good For Your Skin

What Is A Toner?

Toner is that last speck of coverage that you need to nail your skincare routine to perfection. This product is especially useful for people who undergo oily skin problems as it gently unclogs the pores to terminate the pools of oil, dirt, and bacteria at the bottom of the pores.

Let’s take a look at why exactly toner is good for your skin:

1. Minimizes Pores

The larger the pores, the more inviting they are to dirt and bacteria. To prevent this, you must try to shrink your pores— this is where toners come in use! Just dab a cotton ball in small amounts of toner and wipe it across your face to instantly shrink your pores and make them look smaller!

2. Protects Your Skin

Toners shrink the pores to tighten the skin around them. In this manner, the gap within the cells is bridged which barriers the penetration of bacteria and other impurities into your skin. As a result, toner develops a protective layer around your skin, minimizes oil production and keeps your clogs clean.

3. Moisturizes Your Body

Toners are gentle in nature and are also known as humectants, which makes them useful in restoring your skin’s moisture loss.

4. Balances Skin’s Ph Levels

Soaps and face washes are alkaline in nature. Since our skins are acidic in nature, they tend to lose the pH balance due to excessive use of alkaline substances. By using a toner, you will be able to maintain the pH level balance for a young, beautiful and glowing skin!

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