Our Favorite Vitamin C Skincare Products

vitamin c skincare

Who doesn’t want healthy, clear and glowing skin?

That’s right, just about everyone!

You’d be delighted to know that you need just one ingredient to help you reach your skin goals: Vitamin C!

This potent ingredient works wonders on your skin from reducing skin inflammation to treating irregular pigmentation to brightening skin – it is undoubtedly a powerhouse ingredient! Vitamin C skincare products are also a must-have staple product.

What vitamin C skincare products can you use that are packed with this beneficial nutrient?

There are many! But here we have compiled the best of the best products.

1. Dermadoctor Kakadu C 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E

Various studies have concluded that vitamin C is more effective when it’s combined with vitamin E or ferulic acid. Fortunately, this product has both – vitamin E as well as ferulic acid, making it highly beneficial.

You might not know but vitamin C loses its vitality if it’s exposed to the light or air. The good news is that this serum comes in a small, dark bottle which protects vitamin C from breaking down.

2. Sunday Riley CEO Antioxidant Protect and Repair Moisturizer

This fresh orange-scented moisturizer is an ideal skin care product for both combination and dry skin.

Although it is thick in nature, it is quite smooth in its application. You wouldn’t notice oil patches or residue on your skin after its application. This is mainly due to the presence of the ingredient  “lipid” which penetrates into the skin really well.

Use this moisturizer every morning and after two weeks you will see your skin plumper and brighter.

3. LixirSkin Vitamin C Paste

Available in a small pink tube, this skincare product is a perfect vitamin C-based face mask. The application doesn’t take long so you can apply it a couple of minutes before you head out.

All you have to do is squeeze out a little amount of paste in damp hands and massage it well to your skin. Remove it after 10 to 15 minutes. Your skin will surely be luminous and smooth.

4. SkinDoc Formula Day Watch Triple Boost Antioxidant

Day Watch is made from the combination of 20% vitamin C and 1% of vitamin E. It also contains ferulic acid, making it the perfect food for your skin.

This serum is quite thin, instantly disappearing into your skin soon after its application.

The right time to apply it is after cleansing your face in the morning. Doing so will help you get rid of fine lines that might be present onto your face, resulting in the healthy and beautiful skin.

5. Mad Hippie Vitamin C

Tired of your dull, lifeless skin?

Mad Hippie is a serum that you must go for. After all, it’s recommended by one of the top dermatologists – Dr. Jaliman.

This soothing formula is prepared with healthy ingredients like sodium ascorbyl phosphate and vitamin E, minimizing wrinkles and evening your skin tone.

The best part?

It’s not even that steep!

You really want to have luminous skin, right? So make sure that you invest in (at least) one of these skincare products the next time you go shopping.

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