Do Detoxification Diets Really Work?

Do Detoxification Diets Really Work?

Detoxification diets have gained a lot of popularity. There is, however, very little evidence that that they can eliminate toxins from the body of the drinker.

There are also a lot of variants for detoxification diets. Typically, a period of diet of water, fruit/fruit juices and raw vegetables is followed with some fasting. There are also some detoxification diets which advocate herbs alongside supplements so they can act like cleanse enemas for emptying the intestines. But how do they do this?

To understand this, we will have to use the example of broccoli as the detoxification agent for the liver. The liver has been found to break down alcohol in two steps inside our bodies. Enzymes in the liver tend to convert alcohol in the body into something called acetaldehyde. This substance is quite toxic and is the main reason for liver damage. This is where broccoli detoxification can come to the rescue.

Eating and drinking broccoli can prime the alcohol drinker’s liver to deal better with the dangerous enzymes that are created after a night out of alcohol consumption.

Detox is not really the superfood that it is advertised as, but is more like a lifestyle. The ultimate way to reap the benefits of these detox diets is to know the benefits of what you consume. Another example can be that of an individual that suffer from ulcer or urinary tract infections. If this is the case, then a detoxification practice can be to employ cranberries into your diet. Cranberries are known to control problems of urinary tract infections and ulcers. Therefore, it can be a pre or post method of avoiding the problem.

People who claim that detox diets being helpful to remove toxins are a myth probably don’t know how these need to be ingested. Well, now you know. Choose the best detox diet for your health needs!

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