Now that we know vegan food isn’t just pretty to look at but tastes amazing too and is packed with tons of health, 2019 has some delicious vegan foods you simply must try!

Whether you’re a diehard vegan or a non-vegan, you’re going to love how colorful your plate looks, and your taste buds will thank you!

Latest Vegan Food trends You Have to Try!Cauliflower

With cauliflower, you can basically do anything! Use it as rice, pizza crust dough, stuffing, steamed, dipped in sauce or marinated in light hers – it’ll always taste amazing! You’re going to love this immunity boosting dose of vitamins C and K!

Latest Vegan Food trends You Have to Try!Sorghum

Hold off on quinoa and oats for a while – sorghum is here to change your dining game! This super grain can be arranged in salads, bowls, dinner sidelines, and even used as pilaf and popped as popcorns!

Latest Vegan Food trends You Have to Try!Aquafaba

Who says vegans aren’t sweet? This water bean can be used to make homemade marshmallows, meringues and macaroons, and even acts as an emulsifier! A actual alternative to egg white without cholesterol or guilt!

Latest Vegan Food trends You Have to Try!Veggie Chips

Heat that oven and get those slicing knives ready, veggie chips are here to stay! You can literally slice up any vegetable you want – eggplant, sweet potato, carrots, beets – sprinkle some vegan butter and salt and get them cooking! Bye bye greasy potatoes!

Nice Cream

This non-dairy, vegan ice-cream is a treat for everyone! Blending frozen bananas or other creamy fruits topped with some fine berries is an absolute vegan food treat in summer time!

Latest Vegan Food trends You Have to Try!Eating Sugar? No, Mama!

Vegan alternatives to sugar are taking the food industry by a storm. Use dates, molasses, date sugar, monk fruit sugar and vegan honey for a change!

Get the grocery list ready, we’re going shopping vegan style!

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