Clean Eating: Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Nutrition

clean eating

You might have heard of “clean eating” before but aren’t sure what it exactly is or how you can even get started.

This health term basically refers to a healthy lifestyle which encourages the intake of nutritious foods, like these foods to boost your metabolism; that are high in vitamins and minerals and dissuades the use of highly-processed food packed with added chemicals and preservatives.

In simpler words, when it comes to clean eating, organic food items are preferred over junk food.

Continue to read this article to find out how you can make clean eating work for you.

Some Key Do’s for Clean Eating

1. Choose Fresh Whole Food

Incorporate whole grains, like amaranth, legumes, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Many studies show that devoting a quarter of your plate to any meal to whole grains can reduce the risk of harmful illnesses like cancer.

If you are not a big fan of whole grains, you can always eat your favorite fruits and vegetables to make your diet more wholesome.

2. Cook at Home

Avoid eating at restaurants as many aim to load their foods with an immense amount of sugar, fats, and salt which could be very unhealthy.

When you cook at home, you ensure using fresh, wholesome ingredients in the proper quantity which is better for your health.

3. Add Meat to Your Diet Plan

Though many people associate vegetarian diets with clean eating, meat can also be the part of the equation if eaten responsibly. Make sure that you choose lean cuts!

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated. It will also keep your stomach full, making you less prone to give in to your unhealthy snack cheat.

clean eating

Some Key Don’ts for Clean Eating

1. Avoid Overly Restrictive Diets

There are certain diets that ban all the sweeteners, soy, dairy, grains, gluten, and corn. Avoiding so many food items can stop you from enjoying some healthy foods like fat-free yogurt, brown rice etc. More than that, these diets can be difficult to keep up with, providing zero benefits.

2. Avoid Packaged Food

Try to avoid packaged and processed food as much as possible. These kinds of foods are typically high in unhealthy and cheap fats, destroying the main purpose of clean eating.

Plus, these unrefined fats can make you gain weight. So, if you want to maintain a healthy body, avoid junk food altogether.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

There is no such thing as healthy alcohol so it is better to avoid drinking too much wine, beer or tequila. Alcohol only offers calories with zero nutritional value.

If you really want to enjoy alcohol, better save it for special occasions.

4. Avoid Super-Sized Portions

Even if you are eating clean, you should avoid eating your lunch or dinner in large portions. By not doing so you will only make yourself gain unnecessary weight, despite eating clean.

By following these clean eating tips you can change how you feel and look. So, let today be the start of your new healthy lifestyle.

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